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Clutch won't disengage

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Hi, first post here and first visit to the forum, so apologies in advance if it's in the wrong spot, and thank you in advance for any help...

Also, sorry for the lack of introduction, only I'm carless until I get to the bottom of this, so...

I'm talking about my 2000 impreza GF (8?) non turbo - it's a wagon, standard with around 150k on the clock.

Went to pull away earlier (sensibly), put it in gear to pull away, let off the clutch and the car reacted as if my foot was still on it, tried all the gears, no dice.

It will move from one gear to another freely (with the engine running - so it's not the clutch cable) but when i take my foot off the pedal, it doesn't disengage the clutch - like my foots still on there.... I'm bamboozled (and fairly mechanically minded tbh.)

Thankfully it happened right outside a garage and the old guy helped me push it into a space but he couldn't tell me quick enough that i'd "ripped the centre out the clutch." 

There's not rattle with it depressed or not, no knocks or death rattles, you'd think that if it had separated completely there'd be some sort of rattle. IIt sounds like it di when i got in it this morning! It's been my daily drive for 2 years not and I've not noticed any sort of degradation of the clutch at all, it also doesn't slip. 

Called my regular garage and they've quoted me £450 for cash for a new clutch (fitted) which seems reasonable but i can't help but feel that it might not be the problem as the car's worth about that anyway!


Thanks in advance for any help.





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