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New to the Scoob scene, my first WRX!


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Good afternoon!

I bought my first Scooby less than a week ago after having driven a 96 spec JDM Honda Integra DC2 for 5 years, we now have a 7 month old and required something a little bigger. I stumbled across this little gem on the local selling pages, She's a 55 plate WRX Wagon with 77K miles on the clock.

Pretty much standard apart from a dodgy made carbon fiber back box and a remap at 261.7 BHP, bodywork needs a little attention but I expected that for a 12 year old car. In any case, I'm really happy to have made the switch!









As you can see there is a scuff on the rear bumper and scratches on the passenger door which I presume are from a dog of some sort, these can easily be rectified so I'm not hugely fussed. Other than the minor scratches here and there, I'm happy with the bodywork.


Thanks for looking and I look forward to being a part of this community! 

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Whilst driving home yesterday I started to hear a very loud 'whooshing' noise coming from the rear of the car every time I accelerated and the turbo spooled up, after investigation it turned out the cheaply made carbon back box had 'exploded'! 

Naturally I had to buy something bigger and better! Oh well!

After a quick google search I stumbled upon Scoobyworld.co.uk and ended up buying myself an Afterburner Raptor, looking forward to fitting it to the car!






It's so pretty! The reviews were pretty good, so here's hoping it sounds nice.

Thanks guys!

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I don't intend on going insane with this car, however I did miss being part of a modded community! Plans for the future are as follows;


Carbon Splitter for the front bumper
New Alloy wheels (Advice/Ideas would be great!)
Possibly lowering the car by around 30-40mm
Straight through pipe from turbo to back box


Blue and Black Alcantara seats from an STi
Usual gauges such as Oil Temp, Boost etc.
New head unit

This is just the beginning, so any help towards tasteful mods would be appreciated!

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Okay, so I got round to fitting my new 'zorst today. 

The old one was a ****** to remove, one of the old bolts was so corroded the head had fallen to pieces. I ended up smashing a 10mm socket onto it with a big hammer and managed to get it off. 

I cleaned the middle pipe flange up with a wire brush and set about fitting the new one!

The Afterburner Raptor has a 3" diameter pipe but luckily came with an adaptor to fit to a 2.5" pipe, which my middle pipe is. Lining 4 sets of holes up together (back box flange, adaptor, gasket and middle pipe flange) whilst you're squeezed under a car is frustrating! But I managed! 👍

It's slightly angled so has an aggressive look and the tone is a very deep bassy burble.. like a Scoob should be! Anyways here is the pics:



Its not too loud but sounds awesome! Highly recommend this one!

cheers guys 😘

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