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Almost 12 years ago to the day I bought a 10 month old Legacy 3.0 Rn Estate (05) - previously owner by Subaru HQ in Birmingham. 195,000 miles later and after ( on the whole) very few problems, I decided it was about time for a change....”just in case”.

So here I am; a proud owner of, according to howmanyleft.com, one of the 424 UK registered Levorgs. The data is a bit trick to interpret, but I think there are about 100 of us driving Eyesight versions.

My old Leggy served me well and has hopefully gone to a suitable retirement home and not been put down; the new pup has a lot to live up to, but first impressions are promising. 

Lets get things straight, it’s a stupid name and if they weren’t still selling a Legacy saloon (sedan) in the US it would have (should have) been called the Mk 6 Legacy.

Early days, but it fits my needs. I’m a bit older now and don’t need to get so much of a buzz from driving, so being a bit less gnarly than the Leggy is ok. It still has enough poke, just no voice (although the Legacy took its time before it developed a decent note). What it does have in abundance is toys,and I like toys - that is why I held out for the Eyesight model.

 I didn’t realise adaptive cruise control could be so much fun.

No car is perfect and I am disappointed on a couple of counts:

The 2.0 STI is not being brought into the UK - I would have held out for one of those if I could, but the emissions are just not good enough for the UK market.

I’ve just been looking on YouTube and 2018 version of the Starlink infotainment system also seems to include Apple CarPlay. I don’t suppose anyone knows if this is upgradable? 

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