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Chuffing noise behind glovebox - 06 Hawkeye WRX


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Hello all. This is my first post and I'm starting with a tech question.

Has anyone had experience of a rhythmic chuffing noise in the engine bay on the nearside - sort of behind the glove box?

It's really obvious at tickover and seems to be rev-related but is drowned out even at low engine revs. I thought it was a manifold blowing, but there's no sign of that. One mechanic thought it was something resonating in the fuel system and with a stethoscope found it loudest at the tank. We replaced the fuel pump but that didn't sort it. The tank must be acting as a sound box, because sitting in the car it's definitely in the engine bay... Another garage spent a lot of time looking and haven't been able to isolate it, except agreeing that's the area it seems to be coming from..

I'd be grateful for any ideas?

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