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FB16 Oil Query/ Conflicting main dealer advice.

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Hi guys,

I have a 2015 Impreza GP model,  FB16 engine. 

This was a relatively low mileage car until my ownership
At 20k miles it went in for its service and it was discovered it required a warranty repair for a known oil leak. 

There was no evidence of the leak so I assume it was piston seals and then burned up.

Im at 28.5k now and i got a flash of the engine oil level warning light for the first couple of miles on a very cold morning, and it went off for the duration of my 60 mile round trip with a 4 hour stop in the middle. 

I tried various places along my route to pick up the recommended 0/20w but nowhere had it .

I checked the dipstick at various points through the day/ evening but I find it hard to get a clear reading on the Subaru sticks, however I would if pushed say that it was a the lower level (bottom hole). 

Any googling on the issue brings up a ton of stuff on Subaru North America reducing service/change intervals on these vehicles to 6000 miles because of oil burning issues, and about law suits involving short blocks and piston ring recalls etc. 

The most concise advice i found was 




When I got home i checked through my receipts to find dates etc and noticed that the main dealer had used 5/30w on my last oil change.

I called the dealer to query

a) if they thought I should have used this much oil
b) when they were expecting the car for its next service - July 2018 or 36,000 miles. 
c) why they had used 5/30 not 0/20 as specified in manual/ filler cap.

They weren't sure if my oil use represented a deeper problem so have booked the car in to be checked next week.
And they said that the manufacturer (Subaru) had told them to use 5/30w despite the specs on the car itself.

I called another dealers service dept and they said if the car says 0/20w then thats what they use and that 5/30 is the bulk use oil and that 0/20 needs ordered in on tins so it might have been laziness at other dealer.

I understand the 0 and 5 to relate to operating temps and wonder if perhaps 0/20 had been in there at cold morning start i would have saw the low level indicator.


Interested in your guys thoughts on this and how I should pursue things with Subaru.
I'm happy the dealer is checking it despite me not having much confidence in them, im also considering requesting a full oil change and specifying it must be 0/20w even if its at my cost.



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