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Ecu Compatability


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Hi looking for some advice on a problem I have with my uncles 1996 TS-R BG5 M/T. We believe its a Japanese import but don't have any paper work with the car, its currently at his house overseas and im in uk. His mechanic has told him ECU is in need of replacing as its lost the feeds to 2 of the cylinders for the spark. They are 100% its ECU. Hes sent me the part numbers of the ECU but I cant find a replacement one anywhere! Does any one on here know if another ECU will fit or where I can buy the correct one from??? Many thanks in advance!

The part numbers are :-   6G 22611 AC610 A18-000 DCI

Engine is :-                          EJ20 DDMDHE

Chassis :-                            BD05-029764

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Hi Brody,

we managed to get the ecu tested and it was ok, only thing is it was stolen in transit in kenya by couriers employee never to be seen again! Typical! Do you still have the ECU? If you do can i pay via paypal for you to send it to the uk? Im going to take it over in hand luggage this time not letting it out of my sight! Thanks in advance 


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