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Who are AP Racing, and where can I buy ? TMS Motorsport can help


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Who are AP Racing / Where can I Buy ? TMS Motorsport can help

Who are AP Racing ?

Buy AP Racing from TMS Motorsport

AP Racing stands out against other similar companies with their superior quality manufacturing of performance brake and clutch systems for both road and race cars. That’s right, do not let the name fool you; AP racing is a company that is accessible to owners of regular road cars and race cars alike, making them a great asset to us all. 

Not only do we at TMS Motorsport offer a wide variety of automotive products, we specialize in calipers, clutches, brake pads, Brake discs, actuation, air jacks, factory brake kits, road/competition brake systems for motorbikes.

** Our stock levels are up to date **


The AP Racing company

Based in the United Kingdom, AP Racing has achieved great levels of success, eventually surpassing their competitors in international sporting. It is because of this high level of success that AP Racing has become a top-quality crucial supplier of at each and every level of international motorsport formulae. 

In addition to being of higher quality when it comes to their products, they have indeed been at the forefront of the motorsport industry, helping winners cross the finish line first. This is why they have won numerous championships all around the world. AP Racing is specifically geared toward those who are in search of the world’s best brake performance.

Read the rest of our BLOG article about AP Racing on our website



Buy AP Racing from TMS Motorsport

Tim 'Moff' Nicholas @ TMS Motorsport
Email us : sales@tmsmotorsport.co.uk
WhatsApp us for fast response : +447979127236
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