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Outback Wheel Bearings


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It's probably a recurring theme as I know wheel bearing noise is an issue with my 2009 Outback at least.

I'll cut to the chase - at least one of them is making a noise, probably on the front but I'll change all 4 corners anyway.

My questions to the good people on this forum are:

I see they come as a hub unit complete with studs - what make/company/aftermarket reseller should I buy from?

What part of changing them is going to be a pig to do? (Is there going to be a special tool that I won't have?)


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Tumbleweed on this one but the job is done now so I'll leave this epilogue in case someone stumbles across it one day and wants to do it themselves.

  • I changed all four bearings
  • I used SKN bearings and carriers which are of reasonable quality and not madly expensive £300 for all four
  • Each one will take about an hour to do - essentially you'll need a 32mm socket, a torque wrench that goes up to 220 KG-m. A six sided slim 14mm socket and a club hammer.
  • The front ones are easier because the rears have integral handbrake shoes which will bind as you try to ease off the discs.
  • The old carriers are likely to be rusted in place - careful clumps with the club hammer and some WD-40 will help here. Be careful on the rears not to hit the shoes and don't clout the stub axles without protection or the old nut on. (use new nuts)
  • Use copper slip on the new parts to help it all off the next time and make sure you use a torque wrench set to all the correct settings on re-assembly.  

All in all it's not a bad job and the difference is unbelievable - three of my four bearings had some play and one was pretty rumbly. It's a smooth as silk now.... 


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