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V3-4 in v1-2


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I dare say its posible to fit a complete v3/v4 engine into a v1 the main issues would be .....


Tps plugs are different v1 has 4 wires v3 has 3 wires but i run a v3 throttle body and tps on my v1 (so can be done with a bit of splicing)


V1 and v3 throttle cable pull the butterfly from the oppersite sides . So you'd need a v3 throttle cable


V3 runs a single coilpack v1 runs 4 coilpacks. So you'd probably be better off using the v1 engine loom to operate the original coilpacks .


It would be more straightforward using your inlet manifold watercrossover pipe and auxiliaries on the v3 long engine but most other v3 sensors will plug into your v1 engine loom


You can run front entry turbos on a v1/v2 by using a silicone elbow ,



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Thanks for the info sounds a lot easier to just use my manifold for now then can't see there really being any benefits in switching them at least I know all my sensors are good is there much difference in the v1 wrx cams and the v3 wrx cams thanks

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Yh I picked up the engine last night seeing it in person can see the small difference like on the crossover pipe the sensors go in the other side on mine wouldn't have even thought about things like that so will be swapping everything over to be on safe side as it's only temporary it's just had new timing belt and water pump fitted but I'm going to do front and rear crank seals as I got them for my engine so may as well chuck them in and any other gaskets I come across while stripping it like you say it's a lot easier while it's out

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