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  1. As a rule of thumb ECU's (at a worst case scenario) will only loose what they've "learned" from the grade fuel you use , any mods and driving style , when left without power . Stock and aftermarket ECU base maps are stored as a "hard copy" and will stay on the ECU indefinitely (even without a power source), unless the ecu memory is damaged I imagine that esl would preload a base map to the chip to suit your version (cams, injector and turbo size) but that's only a guess. So contacting andy Stevens or esl to check would probably be a better option, just to be sure .
  2. I had a "so called " mapper fit mine into a spare ecu , then fit that into my car on the day . no problem with the esl, just wouldn't want to recommend the mapper but that's another story
  3. On my 97 uk turbo I ran cobra sports cat and v3/v4 sti tmic for around 4k miles without mapping. As at the time the 97 esl wasn't quite ready for use . With both those fitted and once I eventually got the esl fitted n mapped , it brought the power up from 215 hp to 265 hp and a big improvement in throttle response. If you want to be on the safe side you could always go to a local dyno and get a health check done ,once you've fitted the sports cat turbo back . There's a few pics of the route I took with my my 97 uk, in my build thread on here that might help .... Just be careful modding scoobies is a slippery slope and all that remains of my original scooby 10 years on is boot spoiler , a couple of doors and interior plastics 🤐🙄😂😂
  4. Not sure what any of the code numbers are , as I mainly work on the earlier models. I have owned and rebuilt a few 207's though . The previous owner of my old v7sti fitted a aftermarket turbo intake and it caused a hunting idle and slight stutter when "rolling on n off the throttle " . This only went one the intake tract change was mapped in . Avcs is controlled via oil pressure created by the avcs solinoids, these can fail /seize but there is a serviceable "banjo bolt screen" that can become blocked . I'd suggest to inspect the avcs feed banjo bolt filters and replace them . Then see if refitting a oe intake pipe or getting the new intake pipe "mapped in " and see if makes a difference. As the car could possibly be in safe/limp mode , disabling the avcs in the process .
  5. Hi n welcome, looks like its had a fair bit done 😎 The mapper has probably held it back a bit to save the 5 speed , as those mods are capable of around 340hp (pending on the spec of the hybrid tdo5) . Only thing I'd say was unnecessary would be the oil cooler at that level of tune , there really only needed for high hp track cars tbh . Pending on model /year (cars original equipment) I'd probably look into upgrading the brakes , to reign in the extra ponies . Tbh 320 to 330 hp is the ideal sweet spot for classic imprezas, makes for a fast road car but retains a certain amount of reliability regarding engine and box limits . Enjoy and get some pics up 😊
  6. Subaru's are renowned for cutting boost when low on fuel and exiting a corner, due to the fuel sloshing over to the opposite side of the fuel pick up . Or if its doing it with over half a tank or in a straight line , then do you have any unmapped mods (especially airflow mods) ?
  7. It's a v2 jdm wrx , if it was in top condition (once tidied up ) it would probaly fetch around £4k atm . Obviously with any car it depends on mileage, engine ,clutch , bodywork, mot ect . So I'd around £1k to £2.5k pending on condition.
  8. Cheers for the heads up , changed the privacy now 👍 its only a half throttle blip as it was just a sound off , nobody actually won either . Tbh the straight piped shelby cobra got my vote anyways 🤫
  9. Little vid of it flinging mud at a vdub 😂 https://youtu.be/FMzdFVehSFs
  10. So been pretty manic trying to get the house move sorted n settled , so haven't really had the time to drive it much let alone work on it 😏 Finally moved and settled now and unfortunately the new old house has been eating up my time and eating into the "workshop fund nicely too 😥 But at least I do have the room to build a workshop here eventually 😎 After weeks of working every spare minute on the house , we decided to take a weekend off and go to a local car show 😊 Had a cracking day out , with 47 scoobies on our stand alone 😊 the organisers came over to ask who had the loudest scoob and a few fingers were pointed in the direction of my old girl . Although it has a trackday friendly system which is fairly subtle, with the anti lag and launch control enabled it's a different story 😉 Ill upload a couple of vids to YouTube and post em on here at some point .So for now here's a few pics from the day .
  11. A lot of uk cars have either rusted away , been crashed or modded to death . So a relatively standard uk with ppp and low owners will probably fetch decent money in a few years . Just look at the likes of the mcrae or catalunya uk versions , most thought they were lesser cars than jdm WRX's but due to tin worm the rarity has increased and they fetch good money . As for not having a garage , I understand it isn't ideal but I've managed with just a hardstanding in the back garden and use the kitchen table for engine builds 😉
  12. Hi the ej205 was fitted into either jdm or uk /euro and unfortunately the engine type won't help identify the gearbox ratio . If your using a subaru gearbox, there should be a white sticker on the bell housing near the starter motor. It will probably start with ty54#### , give that full number a google and it should bring up the ratio
  13. It could well be the turbo seals but you'd normally get a bit of smoke from the tailpipe ,especially on boost . Not sure if your model has avcs ? But a few other things in that area that have oil pressure in that might be worth checking before buying a new turbo .... Oil feed lines to turbo /avcs solinoids andTurbo oil drain pipe . Hopefully it's nothing too serious but if it is turbo seals ..... might as well look at upgrading to something billet , bigger or both 😊
  14. Depends upon how far your willing to travel but I'd recommend Rm performance in banbury. Mick really knows his boxer's and is reasonably priced
  15. Seems strange it started doing it after changing the rad 🤔 There's only really the radiator fan wires /plugs that you'd need to disturb . Are they plugged in correctly and clipped back away from the headers ? Does the pump prime or just blow the fuse as soon as you turn the key to stage 1 ? If you have a multimeter you could google for a ECU pin out for your model Then do a few ECU pin voltage checks and check the harness between ECU /relay /harness and pump .
  16. There can be some rear camber gained by slackening off the rear strut to hub bolts but there's no stock camber bolts in the rear . I've never fitted camber bolts to b.c's but I have to stock struts and my current meister r coilovers . So I'd imagine that camber bolts would fit both stock or any coilover for your cars version 👍
  17. Has the car been mapped for the fmic or other airflow mods ? Is it fuel cut caused by boost exceeding its target (overboost) or not boosting to the usual target ( underboost) . If its underboost ,are you sure all the fmic pipework from turbo to throttle body aren't leaking ?
  18. Always fancied doing a h6 swap at some point myself , nice legacy too 😎
  19. Alyn @asperformance or mark at lateral performance in the uk would be able to source new oe or upgraded gear and ring sets for either 5 or 6 speeds
  20. Can you take the top of the ECU case off , as it might have a esl daughter board ,simtek or other mapable chip inside . Do you have a boost gauge if so what is the max bar of boost ?
  21. Although I've swapped a few tie rods and track rod ends , unfortunately I can't remember the size . Like most scooby bolts it will probably be a tight "jap thread" you could try taking the tie rod to a hardware store and see if they have a suitable lock nut to fit ?
  22. Gutted I can't make many of the big shows this year , just a few local ones . Still not moved house yet 🙄 Once I do I'll be busy building a workshop and plastering the whole house 😏 Glad to see it's gonna get sorted now though , as although I'm a moderator and I know my way around scoobies... I haven't a clue about organizing show stands 🤔
  23. New coilpacks will probably give you a stronger spark but it it starts to misfire under boost I dare say you'll need to upgrade them to newage . Keep us posted on how you get on at attowes 😉
  24. Sounds like you've been busy , I've been working on mine for over 8 years .... still not finished 😂 By the time I've crossed one thing off the top of the list 😎 I've added 3 things to the bottom of the list 🙄
  25. Looking good bud 😎 Have you done a newage coilpack conversion? That might be the next thing you'll have to do , as the classic coilpacks tend to have a inadequate spark over 1.2 bar .
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