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  1. savage bulldogs

    walbro 255 fuel pump

    No problem bud, best of luck 👍
  2. savage bulldogs

    Weird running problems

    Tbh I've never owned a scoob with tgv's or worked on one with them lol . but think it stands for something like "tumbler generator valves" and they're supposed to "tumble"the air into the engine helping to mix the air and fuel for better emissions on cold start . Classics and newage sti's don't have them and most aiming for high hp just delete and map them out . Tbh my newer scooby spec isn't up to scratch, so don't know if your version definitely has tgv's but do know that they can cause misfire symptoms without tgv codes . Hopefully it's just a sticky solinoid mucking with the mixture and nothing too serious
  3. savage bulldogs

    walbro 255 fuel pump

    Yes bud ,it won't change anything just be more reliable. Couple of tips ... Pull the fuel pump fuse ,start it and let it run till it stalls ,to de pressurise fuel system a bit before undoing fuel lines . Clean the area around the tank fuel sender hatch before opening the tank , lessens the chance of debris going in the tank . Have a few bits of rag to hand to mop spills and something to cover the hole when you remove the cradle to fit the new pump . Check the fuel sock is the same length ish as the old one ,if not and the old 1 is clean ,refit the old one . Once everything is refitted refit the fuel pump fuse ,turn key a few times just too ignition stage, to prime pump and systems . Then go for 1st start up 😉
  4. savage bulldogs

    Weird running problems

    Sometimes if the tgv's solinoids stick they can cause the flaps to stay shut ,in turn starve air and give a misfire. If it's running a oil'd cone filter or inner wing induction kit the maf 's can get dirty . Cleaning with brake cleaner, waiting for it to dry ,refitting and clearing ecu codes can sometimes help .
  5. savage bulldogs

    walbro 255 fuel pump

    Fitting a pump won't make any difference to the fuelling and it will run the same ,bud . The fuel pressure regulator will keep the fuelling the same as oe , but fitting a new pump before mapping is a good idea . As once remapped at full throttle the old pump might fail ,due to the extra demand for fuel 😉
  6. savage bulldogs

    Weird running problems

    Could check throttle position and maf sensor . if it's a wrx? Also That the tgv's are working correctly . What fuel are you using 99ron ?
  7. savage bulldogs

    What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Upset a smarmy looking 14 plate m5 driver and made a work colleague appreciate burble n boost 😊
  8. savage bulldogs

    Turbo n/a ej20

    Well sorry I can't help much more due to my lack of na spec knowledge, possible that turbo sized ring gaps and piston to bore clearances would work . But I generally don't like giving advice if I haven't done it myself (tried n tested) and I have no idea if the na pistons fail at lower boost levels because of the ring gaps or material they're made from ? Most ej20 bottom ends are the same size on the outside, but deck type ,crank thrust and internals differ quite a bit over the years on the turbo models alone. Just wanted to make you aware that the cost of gaskets ect wouldn't be much different from a na to turbo build. Especially if you can do the machine work yourself , I'd probably just build the turbo lump tbh . Other than piston material I'd check that the oil galleries are the same from na to turbo , as although the turbo oil feed and return attach to the heads , I don't know if the na block galleries will feed the turbo heads correctly. Best of luck with it and feel free to start a build thread, to keep us informed on your progress, bud
  9. V1 and v2 up to early 96 are ej20g's as well so spec's I put up should be the same. Afaik the ej20k is v5 onwards with the different crank thrust and phase 2 heads
  10. What year /version is yours ? V5 onwards they moved the crank thrust and changed the inlet manifold stud patterns but otherwise v1 to v4 are fairly similar
  11. This is for 92 to 96 (v1 to v2) it's the only section for ring/bore spec , if it covers your version let me know if you need anything from the bottom end ect
  12. savage bulldogs

    Turbo n/a ej20

    I like to see things being done different but Tbh you'd probably be better off sourcing a 2nd hand turbo engine to drop in . As by the time you've bought all the gaskets,head bolts ect and had the machine work done (hone ,faced ect) . It would probably be cheaper, especially in a scoob that is supposed to run a turbo lump in the first place. I've built a few ej20's but never a na motor ,so can't really help with the na spec or turbo conversion. Im Unsure what type of materials the pistons and rods are made of too ? So have no idea if they're the same as wrx ones or whether they're made from weaker materials and whether they will handle standard boost (let alone once mapped). Ring gaps would vary pending on piston material and target h.p . headgasket thickness would be needed to be calculated with knowing the piston bowl and head chamber cc to get the 8.5.1 compression ratio
  13. savage bulldogs


    The usual route for a wrx to get the most hp, before expensive drive train and engine work upgrades would be. ... Panel filter Pink 565cc injectors (from a newage sti) Bigger turbo (from a newage sti) Up pipe without a pre cat (aftermarket or sti) Sti tmic. Sports or de cat . 3 port boost solinoid. All those "mapped in" should see 330hp ish ,which is about the limit for the wrx standard non forged engine and 5 speed drive train . Try to go much more than that and you'll need to be saving for a forged engine (£4k+) and a 6 speed box (£2k just for the box) 😉
  14. savage bulldogs

    Need Help with electrical problems on my WRX

    Hi n welcome, first thing that springs to mind would be to check all earth's are making good contact and free from corrosion. Think There's two on the inlet manifold for the engine loom and 1 attached to the starter motor bolt . If they're still attached, try giving them a clean to see if that helps your symptoms.