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  1. I've used Clive attowe tuning @ (salthouse rd Norwich) for most of my subaru tuning for around a decade . I know he does do diagnostic tests ,repairs and maintenance too . So he might be able to help , pending on what you need doing ?
  2. As a rule of thumb ECU's (at a worst case scenario) will only loose what they've "learned" from the grade fuel you use , any mods and driving style , when left without power . Stock and aftermarket ECU base maps are stored as a "hard copy" and will stay on the ECU indefinitely (even without a power source), unless the ecu memory is damaged I imagine that esl would preload a base map to the chip to suit your version (cams, injector and turbo size) but that's only a guess. So contacting andy Stevens or esl to check would probably be a better option, just to be sure .
  3. I had a "so called " mapper fit mine into a spare ecu , then fit that into my car on the day . no problem with the esl, just wouldn't want to recommend the mapper but that's another story
  4. On my 97 uk turbo I ran cobra sports cat and v3/v4 sti tmic for around 4k miles without mapping. As at the time the 97 esl wasn't quite ready for use . With both those fitted and once I eventually got the esl fitted n mapped , it brought the power up from 215 hp to 265 hp and a big improvement in throttle response. If you want to be on the safe side you could always go to a local dyno and get a health check done ,once you've fitted the sports cat turbo back . There's a few pics of the route I took with my my 97 uk, in my build thread on here that might help .... Just be careful modding scoobies is a slippery slope and all that remains of my original scooby 10 years on is boot spoiler , a couple of doors and interior plastics 🤐🙄😂😂
  5. Not sure what any of the code numbers are , as I mainly work on the earlier models. I have owned and rebuilt a few 207's though . The previous owner of my old v7sti fitted a aftermarket turbo intake and it caused a hunting idle and slight stutter when "rolling on n off the throttle " . This only went one the intake tract change was mapped in . Avcs is controlled via oil pressure created by the avcs solinoids, these can fail /seize but there is a serviceable "banjo bolt screen" that can become blocked . I'd suggest to inspect the avcs feed banjo bolt filters and replace them . Then see if refitting a oe intake pipe or getting the new intake pipe "mapped in " and see if makes a difference. As the car could possibly be in safe/limp mode , disabling the avcs in the process .
  6. Hi n welcome, looks like its had a fair bit done 😎 The mapper has probably held it back a bit to save the 5 speed , as those mods are capable of around 340hp (pending on the spec of the hybrid tdo5) . Only thing I'd say was unnecessary would be the oil cooler at that level of tune , there really only needed for high hp track cars tbh . Pending on model /year (cars original equipment) I'd probably look into upgrading the brakes , to reign in the extra ponies . Tbh 320 to 330 hp is the ideal sweet spot for classic imprezas, makes for a fast road car but retains a certain amount of reliability regarding engine and box limits . Enjoy and get some pics up 😊
  7. Subaru's are renowned for cutting boost when low on fuel and exiting a corner, due to the fuel sloshing over to the opposite side of the fuel pick up . Or if its doing it with over half a tank or in a straight line , then do you have any unmapped mods (especially airflow mods) ?
  8. It's a v2 jdm wrx , if it was in top condition (once tidied up ) it would probaly fetch around £4k atm . Obviously with any car it depends on mileage, engine ,clutch , bodywork, mot ect . So I'd around £1k to £2.5k pending on condition.
  9. Cheers for the heads up , changed the privacy now 👍 its only a half throttle blip as it was just a sound off , nobody actually won either . Tbh the straight piped shelby cobra got my vote anyways 🤫
  10. Little vid of it flinging mud at a vdub 😂 https://youtu.be/FMzdFVehSFs
  11. So been pretty manic trying to get the house move sorted n settled , so haven't really had the time to drive it much let alone work on it 😏 Finally moved and settled now and unfortunately the new old house has been eating up my time and eating into the "workshop fund nicely too 😥 But at least I do have the room to build a workshop here eventually 😎 After weeks of working every spare minute on the house , we decided to take a weekend off and go to a local car show 😊 Had a cracking day out , with 47 scoobies on our stand alone 😊 the organisers came over to ask who had the loudest scoob and a few fingers were pointed in the direction of my old girl . Although it has a trackday friendly system which is fairly subtle, with the anti lag and launch control enabled it's a different story 😉 Ill upload a couple of vids to YouTube and post em on here at some point .So for now here's a few pics from the day .
  12. A lot of uk cars have either rusted away , been crashed or modded to death . So a relatively standard uk with ppp and low owners will probably fetch decent money in a few years . Just look at the likes of the mcrae or catalunya uk versions , most thought they were lesser cars than jdm WRX's but due to tin worm the rarity has increased and they fetch good money . As for not having a garage , I understand it isn't ideal but I've managed with just a hardstanding in the back garden and use the kitchen table for engine builds 😉
  13. Hi the ej205 was fitted into either jdm or uk /euro and unfortunately the engine type won't help identify the gearbox ratio . If your using a subaru gearbox, there should be a white sticker on the bell housing near the starter motor. It will probably start with ty54#### , give that full number a google and it should bring up the ratio
  14. It could well be the turbo seals but you'd normally get a bit of smoke from the tailpipe ,especially on boost . Not sure if your model has avcs ? But a few other things in that area that have oil pressure in that might be worth checking before buying a new turbo .... Oil feed lines to turbo /avcs solinoids andTurbo oil drain pipe . Hopefully it's nothing too serious but if it is turbo seals ..... might as well look at upgrading to something billet , bigger or both 😊
  15. Depends upon how far your willing to travel but I'd recommend Rm performance in banbury. Mick really knows his boxer's and is reasonably priced
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