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  1. Glad you're going to fight it , I'm a man of principles and would do the same . I hate it when people get stung by sub standard work , it's probably part of the reason I like to build my own engines. It does sound like my mate rolled over a bit but as I said , he doesn't like confrontation. I've run my own business for over 20yrs and understand that sometimes things outta your control go wrong but it's how you put it right and customer satisfaction, that makes a reputation. Best of luck with it, fella
  2. He lost over £20k , as he asked them build the car from a clean type r ,2.1 ,6 speed ,550hp+ ect .... Mismatched cams ,low compression and a turbo that hit boost at 6k ment it was laggy and fubared the day he got it from them 🤬 I've heard a few horror stories of so called " reputable tuners" or companies, that have churned out sub standard work and just simply turned their backs on paying customers. All the best with the case and hopefully you'll get reimbursed for the car and inconvenience it's caused 👍
  3. Hks, Perrin, hdi,autobahn ect are normally embossed on , so its likely to be unbranded. It could be custom made ,other reputable make or just simply well made , so it doesn't mean it's not good for 600hp . Just that it's sort of a generic shape and difficult to identify what brand it is , generally if they look well made and the fins are in good order . It will work but how efficiently , you'll have to try n see bud
  4. It looks very similar to my hdi fmic core but most branded cores will have the makers mark on them somewhere. The "hdi " on mine is embossed along the top .
  5. He's a very knowledgeable chap that takes the time to advise his customers on what they want , rather than just selling them the most expensive option. So I'm always happy to recommend him 😉 Don't forget to let us know your results on mapping day and hope you get the figures you're after, bud 👍
  6. I'm not too clued up on the later scoobs, so couldn't tell you about compatibility but if you're after new items , give Alyn at Asperformance a bell . He has a special relationship with rcm and can normally supply rcm stuff cheaper than buying from rcm directly. He'll also take the time to discuss other options that suit your needs and budget😉
  7. Ive used him for about 8 years , always happy with his work , just phone him first . As he's currently following covid safe guidelines and you can't wait while he works anymore .
  8. I use Clive attowe in Norwich for all my mapping , he's been running his own tuning company for about 30 years . So don't let the current vag/Ford revo stuff on his website put you off .😊
  9. Just asked him and apparently due to having different laws in Scotland, he didn't have much luck getting a refund . He doesn't like confronting people , so tbh I don't know how hard he tried (if at all) . His car on a whole wasn't badly finished and it was just the engine that was badly built . So he fronted the money for a local mechanic to sort it and then sold it on shortly afterwards 😏 Hopefully you'll have better luck only advice he did give ,was for you to post it on their f.b page and try to get them to respond publically .
  10. Unfortunately I've never owned a diesel ,either but is there any service history showing a clutch replacement and what's the mileage on it ? Few things that can cause judder on a petrol turbo ej ... New clutch plates can take a while to bed in ,if the flywheel hasn't been skimmed and has ridges/groves in it from the old pressure plate being worn down to far . Could check for oil dripping from where the gearbox and engine meet underneath the car . As this would indicate the rear crank seal or oil separator plate weaping and contaminating the clutch
  11. Certainly looks like the car " isn't as described " and unfit for purpose . Sorry to hear your introduction to subaru hasn't been good and hope you get your money back ,then find a good example to enjoy
  12. I didn't mention this b4 a friend had ra motorsport build him a 550hp type r about 5 years ago .... It cost him 25k and looked lovely but the engine had mismatched cams ,came on boost at 6k and only made 401hp on the dyno . Sounds like you've got a case for being miss sold a performance engined car that's not fit for purpose
  13. Don't really know much about outback spec tbh but on impreza turbo manuals they're all the same from the 92 5 speed to the later (o2 onwards) sti 6 speed . As I fitted the same seals in my 94 sti's 5 speed and then into the 6 speed I fitted a few years later . You could try cross referencing part numbers for any outback drive shaft seals you can find online and if there's only one type /part number , you'd probably be ok to just order one . Get a genuine subaru one though ,as most aftermarket seals and gaskets are sub standard and will probably leak again at some point
  14. Just zoomed in on my pic and you can just see the turbo oil drain/return pipe , so I circled it for you to help explain. Best of luck with it fella
  15. My old bug sti ej207 might look a bit different due to the tgv delete and avcs oil feed but essentially all turbo impreza from 92 to late 04 (twin scroll) are a very similar set up bud . Heres a pic of that area with the turbo fitted . The pipe with the heat shield fitted is the coolant return the oil return is the other pipe in that area but it's more central as it leaves the turbo drain pipe and attaches to the block on the lower left 😉 The misfire could well be either a dodgy coil pack or the coilpack plug not seating properly , especially if it has some putty bogged around it . Try removing the coilpack and plug ,then giving them a good clean up ,to insure good contact is being made . Swap number 2 coilpack for one off a different cylinder, reset the ECU and restart . If the code goes away it was a loose connection and if the coilpack plug is still loose , cable tie it on to stop it vibrating loose . If the code comes back but it's on the cylinder you moved the original no2 cylinder coilpack to , then the original no 2 cylinder coilpack is at fault 🤓😉