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  1. savage bulldogs

    no compression after tgv delete

    Did the garage "jack" the throttle body butterfly open when doing the compression test? As if the throttle cable or wiring (if its drive by wire) isn't opening the butterfly ,it won't allow any air in too compress . If it has avcs did you disturb the oil lines or sensors when removing the inlet ? Are you sure it was tgv problems in the first place and not a compression issue ?
  2. savage bulldogs

    Japshow Finale 23rd Sept Santa Pod

    My scoob was proppa filthy by the time we got there, glad i spent about 10hrs cleaning it 😏 Still enjoyed it and good to meet the few i spoke too and sorry too the one's i didn't get chance too chat with . Took a couple of "hurried" pics of the stand , so sorry if i didn't get everyone's scoob in . I'll try to make the effort to get too a few more s.o.c show stands next year though 😉
  3. savage bulldogs

    What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Nice to see you've still got the waggon and been busy james , looking good chap 👍
  4. savage bulldogs

    Japshow Finale 23rd Sept Santa Pod

    Well thats you ,me and my youngest daughter.. .... shame she can't drive , cos I'd get her to bring the bug sti to help fill the stand lol
  5. savage bulldogs

    Japshow Finale 23rd Sept Santa Pod

    I'm still going, unless everyone else isn't going as i don't wanna be a 1 man stand lol
  6. savage bulldogs

    Dash lights all lit after start

    Hopefully you've just missed a plug or chassis earth on assembly , have you checked fuses and ecu plugs, no coolant spillage near any electrics while changing the matrix ?
  7. savage bulldogs

    Subaru Impreza GX to a 1UZ V8 build

    The 6 speed sti box's have been known to handle over 700hp but you'd need to fit the r180 hubs and diff as well as the 6 speed box and bits i listed earlier . You might also need the rear diff carrier /subframe ,arbs and arb brackets . Obviously suspension and brakes will also need to be upgraded, so maybe a donor bug onwards sti with crash damage or a blown engine might be worth looking into . As the 6 speed ,rear diff ,hubs ,driveshafts ect will cost £2.5k + alone let alone suspension, brakes ect
  8. savage bulldogs

    What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Hope you get it sorted soon Geoff and hopefully it will sort your sticky caliper issue out too
  9. savage bulldogs

    Subaru Impreza GX to a 1UZ V8 build

    Hi n welcome. Sounds like a interesting project 😎 I'd imagine you'd need a bug onwards sti 6 speed to cope with the power a v8 would push out .As the bug onwards 5 speeds are at their limit at about 350hp ish . 6 speeds are a straight swap using the 6 speed box ,box cradle ,gearstick/linkage and prop . If you use the same ratio 6 speed you can retain the rear diff from the 5 speed but thats in turbo versions and I'm unsure what differences between those and na diffs tbh . Are you intending on using the v8 ecu and splicing the v8 loom into the gx loom ? As electrics isn't my forte and I'm curious as to how your gonna get the extra cylinders firing and fueling .
  10. savage bulldogs

    a few pics of my project so far

    Got a bit carried away with cleaning for japshow finale next weekend and ended up cleaning the arches (to keep the tin worm away) and the front arches are still in good nick for a 24yr old daily 😎 while searching for my ally polish, i found a bag of stickers from a few of the parts I've bought over the years . I'm not one for stickers normally but thought I'd chuck em on the rad cooling panel in the bay . Haven't quite made my mind up if they'll be staying but here's a few pics.
  11. savage bulldogs

    should i remap

    Normally ngk irridium heat 6's for standard and heat 7's for modded
  12. savage bulldogs

    Japshow Finale 23rd Sept Santa Pod

    Cheers chap 👍 Only supposed to be waxing the v1 for japshow finale but My ocd got the better of me and i ended up giving the arches a clean and sealing the wheels lol .
  13. savage bulldogs

    should i remap

    Boost solinoid clean and ecu reset might be worth a go ,as well as checking if the plugs are all the same colour and the right colour . I don't actually know technically whats the "g" stands for but its a way of measuring the turbo compressor (coldside) wheel, 16g is stock size and 18g is slightly bigger. Ie . ... A tdo5 16g (stock subaru) will spool earlier but flow slightly less air at say 1 bar . A tdo5 18g (aftermarket) will spool a bit later (more lag) but will flow more air per minute at the same 1bar . So it would make higher max hp but higher in the rev range and be less responsive (laggier) due to having a bigger 18g wheel
  14. savage bulldogs

    should i remap

    Could be numerous things , no ecu codes ? Are the spark plugs due soon , colour and condition can help pin point a cylinder misfiring or general running issues . If they are due a change ,most switch to heat 7's when modified . Do you have a boost gauge ? A boost leak could cause a lack in power. I'd definitely get it running right as standard before modding or mapping it , bud .As it might save a lot of dyno / mapping time 😉
  15. savage bulldogs

    Best all rounder?

    Im in east Anglia, so can't really help but hopefully someone more local to you can recommend a reputable tuner near by . Best of luck with the search 👍 Edited in .... Dunno how south west you are but the only 1 i can think of is Alan Jefferies @ enginetuner in Plymouth.