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  1. savage bulldogs

    Forge Motorsport Dump Valve Half Price!

    Hi n welcome , no disrespect but thats very cheap if it's a genuine item 😎 Just thought id add that v3 and v4 dump valve fitment are the same (to widen your prospective customers) . They'd also be suitable for any subaru with a fmic fitted, as long as you buy the correct dia "reducer" silicone coupler, to fit the fmic pipework take off and dump valve 😉
  2. savage bulldogs


    Whats you target hp and what's the car gonna be used for ? I've never personally used the omega pistons before ,so without knowing much about their spec , im afraid i can't help there . but i have used mahle pistons. They do 2 main types forged (good for 500 hp) and race (good for 750 hp) . I've always got my engineer to check the bores for ovality and taper ,then decided whether the bores just need a hone or a 0.5 mm overbore (with oversized pistons) to be within spec . You probably already know but If you intend on using a ej20g cdb you'll need your engineer to convert the crank thrust to take the later nitrated crank . I'd add headstuds and cossie headgaskets ,once you know the size of you piston bowl (to calculate thickness required) If it's gonna be used on track ,id also add a baffled sump and possibly swirl pot too 😉
  3. savage bulldogs


    In early stages of headgasket failure the sometimes only overheat when running at normal temps under boost , so don't always show up by a sniff test early on . As when the coolant is running at normal temps (fan has cut in ,temp gauge in the middle) it's at its maximum pressure . This plus the extra cylinder pressure from air being forced in by the turbo (on boost) causes combustion gasses to seep past the falling headgasket, pushing combustion gasses into the coolant and rising the coolant temps . Subaru engines very rarely mix oil n water tbh . Check the rad doesn't have a crack in the plastic near the overflow hose you replaced (common issue) Check top/ bottom rad and heater matrix flow and return hoses are getting hot when cars at normal running temp (fans cut in at idle) .as this might help rule out a sticky stat or airlock from the leaky hose .
  4. savage bulldogs

    What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Midweek break, so took the bug out for a run this time 🙂
  5. savage bulldogs

    What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Took the v1sti to it's last meet of the year before she goes into hibernation for the salty winter this year . Was a local f.b group called east coast Japanese, loads of different motors there but mine was the oldest scoob 😊 Only took a few pics but here they are anyways 😉
  6. savage bulldogs

    What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Yeah it was a baby boxer porka , so i wouldn't have picked on him but he started it by tailgating me through the 30 limits lol . I have had a play with a old skool 911 turbo , that couldn't keep up either but mine is running 359.9 hp and only weighs about 1200kg 😉
  7. savage bulldogs


    Might be worth whipping the covers off and checking the timing marks, just in case the belts slipped due to a worn tensioner. Did you use the right grade plugs ,ngk heat 6's for standard or heat 7's when modified. Definitely plugged the coilpacks in the right way on each bank . With 2 cylinders not firing at all ,it's strange you've not got any codes tbh .
  8. savage bulldogs

    What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Washed it and went to a local retro meet upset a middle aged man in a Porsche on the slip lane on the way home . Don't think he expected my 24yr old scooby to leave him for dust in 3rd and 4th 😊 He didn't look happy with his expensive mid life crisis purchase, When he over took me, as i stopped accelerating at 70 . Old scoobys never die .... they just get quicker 😉
  9. savage bulldogs

    Buying a Bugeye, advice appreciated

    There's a buyers guide for common issues (think it's in the impreza section) Most things apply to both bug n blob tbh. Rust areas are rear arches , suspension turrets and inner sills .front lower crossmember and u brace (subframe) Rear shocks knock at low speed when worn. Hear it start from cold ,to check for piston slap and smoking . Avoid cars with a Lack of Good regular oil changes and ones with mods that haven't got proof of being mapped . Good luck with the search 👍
  10. savage bulldogs


    You'd normally loose spark on all cylinders if crank or cam sensors were at fault . Are you definitely getting spark just on the 2 front cylinders? . Have you tried swapping coilpacks from front to back to see if the misfire changes cylinders ? Main Engine loom plugs (either end near battery and boost solinoid) and earths making a good connection ? Spark plugs in good condition?
  11. savage bulldogs

    my first scooby at 51

    Nice looking example, would gladly cast a eye over it but im in south suffolk so probably too far just to pop in . Feel free to either post some pics of the receipts /list them on here or pm them and I'll let you know whats listed or missed off the normal upgrade path and services . As for the ipswich local meets they're the 3rd tuesday of every month , they also have a Norwich meet on the 1st Tuesday of every moth too . Feel free to pm me about those too .
  12. savage bulldogs

    V7 wrx sti type uk engine refresh

    Well not been much point updating this thread as i haven't done anything other than drive it ( 2k and counting) 😊 Decided not to put the bug sti up for sale until spring /summer next year , so its left me with a tough choice every day, ....... which scoob to drive 🤔 But Today it's been the bug 😉
  13. savage bulldogs

    no compression after tgv delete

    Did the garage "jack" the throttle body butterfly open when doing the compression test? As if the throttle cable or wiring (if its drive by wire) isn't opening the butterfly ,it won't allow any air in too compress . If it has avcs did you disturb the oil lines or sensors when removing the inlet ? Are you sure it was tgv problems in the first place and not a compression issue ?
  14. savage bulldogs

    Japshow Finale 23rd Sept Santa Pod

    My scoob was proppa filthy by the time we got there, glad i spent about 10hrs cleaning it 😏 Still enjoyed it and good to meet the few i spoke too and sorry too the one's i didn't get chance too chat with . Took a couple of "hurried" pics of the stand , so sorry if i didn't get everyone's scoob in . I'll try to make the effort to get too a few more s.o.c show stands next year though 😉
  15. savage bulldogs

    What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Nice to see you've still got the waggon and been busy james , looking good chap 👍