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  1. Alyn @asperformance or mark at lateral performance in the uk would be able to source new oe or upgraded gear and ring sets for either 5 or 6 speeds
  2. Can you take the top of the ECU case off , as it might have a esl daughter board ,simtek or other mapable chip inside . Do you have a boost gauge if so what is the max bar of boost ?
  3. Although I've swapped a few tie rods and track rod ends , unfortunately I can't remember the size . Like most scooby bolts it will probably be a tight "jap thread" you could try taking the tie rod to a hardware store and see if they have a suitable lock nut to fit ?
  4. Gutted I can't make many of the big shows this year , just a few local ones . Still not moved house yet 🙄 Once I do I'll be busy building a workshop and plastering the whole house 😏 Glad to see it's gonna get sorted now though , as although I'm a moderator and I know my way around scoobies... I haven't a clue about organizing show stands 🤔
  5. New coilpacks will probably give you a stronger spark but it it starts to misfire under boost I dare say you'll need to upgrade them to newage . Keep us posted on how you get on at attowes 😉
  6. Sounds like you've been busy , I've been working on mine for over 8 years .... still not finished 😂 By the time I've crossed one thing off the top of the list 😎 I've added 3 things to the bottom of the list 🙄
  7. Looking good bud 😎 Have you done a newage coilpack conversion? That might be the next thing you'll have to do , as the classic coilpacks tend to have a inadequate spark over 1.2 bar .
  8. I'm sure I've seen that on this forum a few years back but unfortunately can't remember their username . Unusual body kit , especially on a wagon , I like it though think it really works 👍
  9. Sorry ,Think I might have skim read w reg as wrx , sounds like a good excuse so I'm sticking with that one 🤐😂 Unfortunately I dont know much about classic non turbo wagons .v6 gf8 I think would be the turbo equivalent of year wagon . Hopefully one of the na owners can help , @nictriumph maybe?
  10. One o2 sensor on a v6 and its located in the downpipe neck just after the turbo hotside, buddy 👍
  11. Look in the tech section there's a how 2 for self checking ECU codes , for classic cars. As Most obd code readers don't work on the subaru odb1 system . If you're just cruising you should get mid 20' to low 30's mpg but when squeezing the loud pedal lot they will drink heavy
  12. Sounds like quite a project but always nice to hear a classic getting some TLC 😎 Not familiar with the postcode ,what county are you in , someone will hopefully know somebody in your area
  13. Some of the sti ej207 have a little bit of piston slap for the first few mins after cold start but that's due to the factory forged pistons. V3 /v4 do sometimes have a bit of piston slap when cold ,due to a different material used but generally run fine . No engine should have knock though and if they do ,its normally a sign of early crank bearing failure
  14. Got a bit carried away with cleaning before refitting the rear bumper 🙄 but she's still looking fairly rust free for a 27 year old car 😎 Finally got the rear hockey sticks /splash guards fitted , you can see they stop a lot of road debris flicking up the rear bumper . but wasn't happy with the firmness of the oe fixings for the areoguards ,so removed the areoguards and will refit them with some 3m tape at a later date Then turned my attention to the fading preface black plastics , found this gtechnic c4 trim restorer works really well 😎 finall
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