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  1. You've got roads ? I've got small bits of tarmac between the potholes πŸ™„πŸ˜‚ I'm fairly sure most standard classic shocks are kyb, not sure who make the springs though . Other than elbaich make the oe p1 springs, that suit the sti shock dampening rates really well . There is a difference in rates/dampening between uk/wrx (same) and sti (stiffer /25mm lower) in the springs /shocks pending on model . Think there's a few pics at the beginning of my build thread that show the "stance" of elbaich pro springs. Tbh they felt more forgiving in a straight line than stock but stopped th
  2. I have a transmission chart but it only has ty number gearbox info , unfortunately I can't help unless the gearbox number you wrote isn't correct . Did you take the number off the white sticker on the bellhousing near the starter motor ?
  3. I don't have much experience with the 3ltr but I've always drained ej20's via the bottom hose . Colour of anti freeze isn't necessarily the best way to determine what to refill it with . I personally use motul ingul premixed anti freeze (around Β£40 from as performance) but as long as you use a antifreeze suitable for aluminium blocks (oat) you'll be fine . On the ej20 /ej25 you can buy a oil cooler hose kit , that comes with the 3 silicone hoses and hard pipe that crosses the front of the engine to the waterpump . unsure if the 3ltr has exactly the same set up but worth changin
  4. Coming along well with some nice progress in a relatively short time 😎 I bought some aftermarket uk turbo spec shocks from luke at import car parts but coupled them with elbaich pro springs . He might be able to source oe struts and springs though . If not the elbaich pro springs lower a uk or wrx around 25mm to stock sti height , they're also progressive rate . So are forgiving for pot holes in a straight line but stiffen up under load in the twisties . Failing that a few members have swapped stock suspension for pedders struts and springs .
  5. Import car parts stock these new πŸ˜‰ if the mechanical speedo cable isn't sending a signal to the clocks /ecu ,it will probably limit boost and revs (limp mode) . As the ECU needs a speed reading in order to calculate loads
  6. You'll probably get a few different answers pending on your h.p target and usage . Ideally you'd need to pick a h.p target and choose supporting mods to reach it . As if you just pick a big turbo it could be far too laggy for your usage . Also current engine spec would play a part , as the last thing youd want is to spen money on a 600hp turbo only to find out the engines only good for 450hp (if it's a stock ej207)
  7. Nice choice , lovin the leggy πŸ‘
  8. Hi n welcome, what do you drive atm , any pics ? We like pics 😊
  9. Soon as the snow was gone I decided to give it a quick rinse over and take it for a essential "spin dry " Started to dry it off by hand a bit and soon noticed blisters in the paint ,about 30 on the roof alone Some down the drivers side rear 1/4 and on the front bumper It was painted by a reputable company that does bmw main stealer paintwork 3 years ago this april . So thought I'd take it to the body shop that carried out the paintwork , just to see if he had any idea why this happened and how much to put it right . The paint shop is owned by Rick Kerr
  10. Had plenty of snow on the Suffolk coast in the end 😎 I've played in the snow in the scooby plenty of times over the years .So I didn't bother going out in it, mainly due to salt but also not wanting some ken block wannabe in a fwd slamming into me either 🀐 Ended up looking like a fugly Tesla cyber truck πŸ˜₯ Started to melt now , hopefully a few days rain to wash the salt off the roads and I can use it for something essential πŸ€”
  11. Electrical boost controllers can give the car a little more response and power but definitely need to be set up while monitoring knock and afr . You can't simply turn the boost up and expect the ECU to know how much fuel is needed to match the extra air (boost) or how much ignition timing to use . But gradually bringing the boost up to a safe level while monitoring knock and afr on a dyno , there is gains to be had . But by the time you've paid for a dyno session and a few hrs of the tuners labour ... you might as well get it remapped properly using something like ecutek soft
  12. That's what gave my old v7sti crank rumble @nictriumphπŸ‘. The rear seal leaking pressure but not much oil , dropped the oil pressure down 0.8 bar on hot idle. The previous owner didn't notice as he didn't do many miles . Think you'd have seen smoke outta the tail pipe and cold start piston slap, if the rings were bad enough to use 2ltrs in 1k miles . Subaru's don't tend to burn much oil through stem seals due to the flat opposing layout . If the bottom end hadn't been rebuilt after the headgaskets were replaced ? It's a possibility that the initial damage was done by overh
  13. I wouldn't rely on the app for oil pressure or knock readings , it was more to see if youd noticed a general drop in hot idle oil pressure. Knock is generally either big end or main bearing, more crank orientated rather than rings . So a leakdown and compression test would help diagnose if its piston slap , valve seat or maybe early ringland failure but not crank bearings or rod knock tbh .
  14. Glad to hear the court results went in your favour , hopefully you'll soon get some reimbursement to make up for your losses . Well done for sticking by your guns and best of luck getting the result you deserve
  15. Do you have a oil pressure gauge fitted , if so what's the hot idle in bar ? If the crank bearings are on the way out it will probably have lower oil pressure. My old v7sti had a crank rumble , I rebuilt it before it let go but oil pressure was at 1 bar hot idle and you could hear a feint rumbling between 1.5k to 2.5k when blipping the throttle. Other tell tale signs where the metal flakes in the sump . Did you do the h.g yourself, if not maybe send the builder a video and see what they say .
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