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  1. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Yeah I've polished a few ally bits before , pretty time consuming to get good results [emoji53] My engineer is gonna blast the cam covers and i think i might just get a quote for cleaning up the block too [emoji4]
  2. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Trying to curb the urge to paint the bug's block before rebuilding it [emoji849] Just cos i like painted bays , it doesn't mean the next owner will [emoji848] It's still gotta go through the engineer's hot wash but ive spent about a hr on 1 casing halve and its not made a great deal of difference imo [emoji848]
  3. Japshow Santa Pod 10th June 2018

    I'll probably go to this to have a squint at the pods new 1/4 mile [emoji41] but i ain't gonna tempt fate and stick my name down for any show stands, at least until I've got the bug up n running [emoji849]
  4. Hi everyone

    Always nice to see a classic getting some tlc [emoji41] As jay said feel free to start a thread in the build section [emoji6] Are you going to give it a tidy up and go back to standard or modding it ?
  5. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Seeing as the v1sti seems to be jealous of the bug taking up all the scooby time [emoji849] i bought her a couple of preface scoops for when i (eventually) get round to refreshing the paintwork [emoji4]
  6. Don't get me wrong , you don't want to be bouncing off the limiter [emoji4] but you'd probably be putting less stress on the engine, at under a 3rd throttle at 4.5k than 2/3rds throttle at 3k .[emoji6]
  7. It's always good to stay off boost when the engine's cold and keep the revs low if possible but it's not so important to keep the revs low . if going up a incline when cold, I'd say you'd probably be better off bringing the revs up a bit by holding it in gear at a lower throttle position . Than sitting at 3k with over half throttle, as at 3k with half throttle most scoobs will trying to make more boost
  8. V7 wrx sti type uk engine refresh

    Block half faces have been checked over, bores have had a light hone (to bed the new rings in) and the pistons have come up well . Looks like im gonna have to start getting my shopping list together soon [emoji4]
  9. What you playing???

    Might get far cry 5 , think ive played them all appart from the primal one . Hopefully days gone will be as good as it looks and not 3rd person all the time [emoji848] Last decent zombie open world game i played was probably dying light
  10. What you playing???

    Im Still mostly playing bf1 on the ps4 and waiting for days gone release date [emoji849]
  11. There's a sticky thread in the tech section that shows you how to run self diagnostics on classics by plugging connectors together under the dash [emoji6]
  12. £150 Impreza WRX

    Missed this thread somehow. It depends on the condition of the rest of it ? Is it clean enough around the rear inner arches, boot well ,inner sills and suspension turrets? If the brakes have been sitting a while, the discs might be quite pitted and calipers might need a refurb too . Diff and box oils (plus a few other serviceable parts ) would probably worth doing as well . Id say realistically; it would cost about £1k to get it on the road and would've have thought you'd be able to pick up a second hand lump for £650 . You could fit the new belt kit to that , But with anything second hand you do take a bit of a chance . If that engine is goosed ? i do need a exhaust cam pulley, left bank timing belt cover backing plate and a clean center timing belt cover for my bug [emoji6]
  13. Brembo pad pins?!

    Give Alyn at asperformance a bell he'd probably at least match the price of the pad fitting kit and help with pads , discs ect (if needs be) I got some t2 discs and pfc pads for my brembos off him , best combo I've had for fast road / daily driving
  14. Blobeye OBD2 scanner

    Check to see if ios does a suitable app for your smartphone first ,or use a android tablet if you have 1 you could use. As for the bluetooth dongle , i think any cheap odb11 bluetooth dongle should work fine fella. Hopefully someone who has one will point you in the tried n tested direction though
  15. Brembo pad pins?!

    I bought my pins, r clips , new bleed nips and copper washers from either Alyn at asperformance or luke at import car parts (can't rember which lol )