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  1. savage bulldogs

    Decat exhaust Mot Issue ?

    Think it's pre 91(H reg) cars that didn't leave the factory with a cat, that don't need a cat to pass a mot . 92 (k reg) onwards need a cat regardless of where they were imported from here in the uk . I have a spare sports cat , which passes mot emissions , some garages will let cars pass with a decat but it's probably best not to name them on a public forum , bud 😉
  2. savage bulldogs

    Brembo Space Saver In Classic

    Think some run wider wheels on the back compared to the front , so doubt it would matter if you only run front spacers . I just thought I'd keep the width the same . I haven't got spigot rings on my rotas , so can't help there bud . My spacers were £20 a pair from a local motormainia store and were only supposed to be a temporary fix but 2 yrs on they're still doing their job lol
  3. savage bulldogs

    Upgrading to STI components

    Will admit the 2.5 ltrs do get a bad rep when pushed for power ,as they do tend to suffer from headgasket and ringland failure more than the 2ltrs . The later 5 speeds seem to handle more hp than the earlier ones (350hp ish) but the added torque of the 2.5 can tend to push close to the limits of a 5 speed . 6 speed is the most comon upgrade at £1.5k for just the box (no labour) , then most save for a forged build (£5k) just in case the stock block goes pop . But I'd suggest to speak to your mapper about the best route and power limit for your block and drivetrain, before buying any parts .
  4. savage bulldogs

    Old WRX's never die

    If it's a ej207 conversion they're good for 450hp ish . I'd recommend ditching the cob stage generic flash map and consider spending out on a suitable live mappable ecu .As that would be bespoke to your set up and safely get the most for your mods . Suspension wise personal preference and usage plays a big part in the route and choices . Generally fully adjustable coilovers that are over £700 are fairly good for fast road, decent droplinks (front n rear) , rear adjustable arb , camber bolts and a anti lift kit . Will enable you to put the power down better and improve handling to a good level for a road car . If your wanting to go low id maybe add a rollcenter correction kit to help dial out the bump steer too . If the rest of your cash is still burning a hole in your pocket . Then sti ally wishbones and a full oe bush refresh for road use , id only say fully polly bush for track use (quite harsh for the road)
  5. savage bulldogs

    Another new member

    Hi n welcome, Nice looking example you've got there 😎
  6. savage bulldogs

    Upgrading to STI components

    I'm not too clued up on 2.5 spec but with the 2ltrs , to break the 300hp mark (on top of the mods you have) most fit .... Sti turbo , sti injectors ,sti tmic and sti up pipe (as the bug /blob wrx have a pre cat in the up pipe ) Unsure if the 2.5 ltrs have a pre cat or if there's any difference in the sti inlet manifold, other than if the non sti has tgv's ? (Which i think can be deleted on your existing manifold if so) Hopefully someone who knows their latter scooby spec can help
  7. savage bulldogs

    Brembo Space Saver In Classic

    Bug or blob sti 5 x 100 pcd space savers fit in a classic fine fella , ive had one in my v1 for a couple of years now 👍 Think it was about £25 posted from matt baker at mbdevelopements on f.b 😉 P.s i saw your other post about small wheel spacers and ive been running 3mm universal cheapy spacers for at least 2yrs to clear my brembos. Haven't had any issues but i do run them front and rear to keep the "track" the same
  8. savage bulldogs

    V7 wrx sti type uk engine refresh

    Busy day for the bug ...... Maiden voyage went without any issues on the way too and from the mot station and it passed it's mot no problem 😎. Got home and taxed it , then thought i should really start to get some running in miles done 🤔 so took it too it's first local scooby meet 😊
  9. savage bulldogs

    Legacy general questions

    Not too sure tbh , as I've only ever worked on turbo imprezas,so only have the manuals for them . Maybe one of the legacy boys can help ?
  10. savage bulldogs

    V7 wrx sti type uk engine refresh

    Well i finally got the insurance sorted , with thanks to Dan at flux and she's booked in for mot this afternoon . Fingers crossed it passes first time , then i can continue the running in process . Gave it a rinse over and although it's come up well , can't wait to give it a clay, machine polish, wax and seal 😊
  11. savage bulldogs

    new wrx sti owner

    When was the last time the spark plugs were changed ? As a o2 sensor fault could point to a misfire causing unburnt fuel to cause a spike in the afr ratio reading , rather than a faulty sensor and could be the cause of your symptoms
  12. savage bulldogs

    Best Coilovers For Classic STi

    I found the elbaich pro springs slightly softer in a straight line , they seemed soak up bumps and pot holes better than the standard v3 uk turbo springs . Due to the progressive rate they gave less body roll in the corners as well but they lower a uk turbo or wrx about 30mm to roughly the standard height of a sti of the same year. So when my front top mounts and shocks gave up i bought the meister r's. As it worked out about £200 more for the meister r's (at the time) compared to the price of new front shocks and group n top mounts . Still got the elbaich pro springs if you do decide you want a set
  13. savage bulldogs

    What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Gutted I couldn't make it to scooby fest but the nearly 400 mile round trip and a hangover from hell stopped play 🙄 Thought your auto wrx would've been gone by now , we've had a few people on here asking about autos in the past and know they're fairly rare over here . Did share your link on a f.b page the other week as i saw someone asking and it seems a good example
  14. savage bulldogs

    Newbie In need of wiring knowledge

    Nice looking project you have there 😎 Normally crank and no start is something to do with immobilizer or crank /cam sensor . As they allow crank but cut fuel and spark , have you got either of those ? I've delved into the v1/v2 wiring quite a bit while tracing faults but the ecu plugs and pinouts are different compared to the v5 /v6 set up . I used and downloaded the pdf manuals from here to trace my issues Best of luck with it and keep us posted ,bud 👍
  15. savage bulldogs

    Forums dead?

    Still haven't done the maths on what its cost me yet 🤔 But I've pm'd ya anyways bud