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2005 legacy 3.0 sigma immobiliser location ?

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Hi there 

Recently both my keyfobs stopped working for my car - the only way I can start it is to unlock with the key and then hotwire from the Battery to the starter with the ignition on ..not ideal. 

Anyway I mentioned it to my local subaru dealer as I had to take it in for a recall notice.  

They said it was most likely I needed a new Battery in the fob and to recode it using the immobiliser keypad so I left them to it. 

When i returned he explained that the immobiliser code had been changed at some point so he couldn't recode the fobs.  

He said if I locate the actual immobiliser unit there will be a 17 digit number on it that I can quote to sigma to receive a master code that will let me programme a new 4 digit code in. 

Juat wondering if anyone knows if this is legit advice and if so where the immobiliser unit is located .. he wasn't sure if it was in the steering Column or next to the heater motor.. 

Any help would be much appreciated 

Thanks ! 

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