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2002 Forester - stubborn ABS light

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Hi Guys,

Wonder whether any of you fellas can diagnose/help with an ABS light snag on my 2002 non turbo Forester. I’ve had the rear suspension in bits to change a rear wheel bearing. During this I had to remove the NSR ABS sensor, it came out reasonably well after being doused in release oil. Everything is now back together and the loud howling noise has gone - result - but I have the ABS light on...🤔. 

I’ve had the NSR brake drum off again to check if anything was obviously amiss. Visually all looks spot on - and so is the ABS light still! I really don’t think I damaged the sensor when removing and refitting it - I took great care with it. Anyone have any suggestions/advice/ideas please? Any tips gratefully received. Thank you. 

With best regards

Andy H

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