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Outback SS or 55 error code


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I have recently bought a 2004 3L outback. and so far really like the car.

But it has started getting a SS or 55 error code with the traction abs lights coming on.

It used to happen after driving for about an hour. then was coming on earlier. Now its as soon as I start the car before even driving.

I have read that its most likely a abs sensor fault. I have measured the resistance for the front sensors and they both read 29.26M ohms and 29.50M ohms. 

A friend of mine also has the same car so we measured his sensors and they were 22.6M ohms on both front sides.

could someone tell me what sort of reading I should be getting and if the reading I have are within tolerance.

I will also test the rear sensors when I find the connectors. But have not been able to locate them yet.






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