2009 Subaru Impreza WRX 5door Hatch

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Up on ebay, starting at £5,500

Selling my black low milage (49,700) Subaru Impreza WRX 2009. This car has been my daily and never let me down, the AWD has proven it's worth in the snow had at the start of the year. I'm selling it as my partner is learning to drive and so a easier to drive car is required.

The car is in a good condition for it's age although does have some marks on the bodywork from stones/bird poo, etc. I've been very careful with the car and in the last 16 months it's had a new cambelt, clutch, flywheel and a full set of tyres.
The cambelt and tyres were done as general maintenance not due to failure (cambelt was coming up to it's age limit, tyres were done because previous owner had mismatched them which affects the AWD systems balance).
It should be noted that the clutch/flywheel is a stage 2. This means that the clutch can take more power if you want to go that way (the OEM struggled even with the standard power) however it is a bit stiffer than normal (although I still use it daily, it does take some getting used to). The flywheel is also lightened so the car revs much quicker but it is easier to stall the car.
To Arrange to View the Car
Phone or text me on 07904942823. 
Some of the features worth mentioning: Cruise control, powered windows all round, ISOFIX and aux cable for a phone.
Recent Work
All technical work done on the car has been by Subaru specialists ScoobyWorld.
  • MOT Passed, no advisories (by KwikFit in May 2018 at 49,050 miles)
  • Stage 2 Clutch/Flywheel (by ScoobyWorld in March 2018 at 48,672 miles)
  • Full set of tyres and balance (by KwikFit in Oct 2017 at 46,549 miles)
  • Cambelt (by ScoobyWorld in May 2017 at 42,448 miles)
Service History
Service history is complete going on miles, however there is a gap in terms of time (it wasn't done yearly).
  • 42,293 miles by Motor City Birmingham Ltd (no stamp but copy of receipt/invoice) 
  • 27,784 miles by Subaru Inverness
  • 20,573 miles by Subaru Inverness
  • 12,647 miles by Subaru Inverness
  • 6,791 miles by Subaru Inverness


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