Been a while bugeye wrx gone bugeye sti

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Been a while since I’ve posted ,So in January I crashed my wrx into a tree was heart broken ,I was going to fix the car but after much thought I decided to break the car and with all the money I’d spent on parts etc I managed to make just over 5k I’d always wanted a bugeye sti from day one it was a nightmare looking for one I had a budget of 8k 

i looked at a few so called mint sti,s ,Few blobs aswell which where far from mint I knew I had to get one reasonably quick as the prices seem to be rocketing ,but I also knew I could be picky as there is a lot out there.

id seen a bug sti type uk advertised thought it was worth a look although it is a cat d ( the reason it was a cat d was because of the wing and the headlight surround was damaged ) the seller was very genuine and open to the history of the car etc we came to the conclusion that at the time it was written off it was at the low point of these cars , and the insurance company must not of had a clue I’ve also fully checked the history ,the car was fixed and certified again there was no structural damage at all ,believe me the car has been fully checked so I managed to get a completely apart from few bits and bobs standard bug sti for 6k and it has no rust what so ever 71k on the clock full service history and is proper mint I know I won’t be able to ever sell it at market value ,but I don’t ever intend on selling her so here she is 😍

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