Autogas (LPG) experiances here?

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hi all,


I've just joined the Subaru owners community by buying an Impreza 2.0R 2008 with LPG. originally I come from the Alfa Romeo community, but at the moment from new ARs only QV version of the Giulia would be interesting me for which I do not have money yet. my last Alfa was 150 SW 3.2JTS V6 Q4 monster with 260PS permanent 4x4, unfortunately it became real problem to service it and never managed to find the LPG option for it (otherwise I would keep the beast till the bitter end). worth of mentioning, am total sucker for the sound of boxer engines, thus just loving Beetle, 2CV, my previous 2 off Alfa Romeos 146 (last Alfas with awesome boxer engines).

very good friend of mine has Impreza 1.6 roughly 2008 as well, have been driving with him several times and must say that was impressed by the build quality, how nice the ride is, sound system (from engine bay 🙂 ) is bl***dy; awesome! For years I have been considering Subaru as the only brand I will be looking to after my one and only AR.

so, needed mostly winter and rainy days car, plus transport of more than 1 person option (I drive scooters and motorcycles usually) and started searching. and then Blondie showed up, 2.0R Sport version, with Autogas (LPG) and awesome Subaru blue metallic paint (I live in Germany which means the colour options are silver-metallic, shich makes me puke, then grey metallic, black metallic and white; other colors are God forbidden OMG!).

wanted to ask you about your experiances with the LPG on Subaru. Subaru dealership told me that they do not deliver any more LPG systems, since years ago they introduced the Diesel boxer engines and that killed LPG (is that true or there was some other reason?). otherwise, would probably go for newer Impreza (do not get me wrong, this G3 form looks still awesome even today!)

is there anything that I need to take care of with the LPG on Impreza? any specifics? I had LPG systems on 4 off my previous cars and never really had any problems related to the system itself (only on one car the installation was poor, but that is completely different topic).


regards, Preddy


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If it doesn't already have one already, get a flashlube system fitted.

Preferably an electronic system not the much cheaper vacuum fed system that normal engines are fine with.

I believe both Subaru and Mitsubishi stopped offering new cars with LPG conversions, because (on Mitsi at least) they didn't fit flashlube systems so both had problems with valve seat recession.

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