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KYB Electric power steering rack

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Does anyone know the differences between the different models of KYB 34110 steering racks? I have a 34110AJ144 which has problems with the torques sensors. Suby dealer's only solution is a complete new rack at over a grand plus fitting. The car just isn't worth that kind of money. I have sourced a very good condition 34110AJ121. What do those last three digits represent? I'm hoping that they simply refer to different setups for manufacturing. I would probably renew the track rods and ball joints before installation anyway so as long as the actual rack is interchangeable it would be great.

There seems to be very little information about KYB steering racks on tinternet, lots about their shockers and suspension parts.

Very bad engineering design that failure of an electronic sensor requires complete changeout of the entire rack involving an engine lift.

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