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Help P0032 code


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Hi guys, 

I'm looking for some advice, my legacy has thrown up a check engine light so I put the scanner on and it's comes up with "P0032 H02S heater control circuit high bank 1 sensor 1" so after a bit of research I have put it down to a faulty oxygen sensor. So I called the the local car parts guys and was quoted £250 just for the sensor which I ridiculous. The car is a 2006 Subaru legacy MK IV 2.0l non turbo symetrical awd with a ej204 engine. 

My question can is the sensor specific to the car or engine? Because I can source a new bosche oxygen sensor for £90 for that engine model. 

But looking online for the car details rather than engine the money goes up. 

Thanks for your help 

Cheers Andy 

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