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Impreza alloy help


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Im posting this on behalf of a friend who has no access to internet and needs some help regarding alloys/fitment, I have no real knowledge on Subaru specs, models or parts so any help would be much appreciated to us both! 

He currently owns a mint 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX Type UK on standard suspension/17inch alloys. He’s after a new set of alloys, preferentially 18inch Bola B1’s in gunmetal. After a trip to a couple of alloy centres on Saturday they are convinced he will not get these wheels to fit with the cars Brembo brake set up? Neither company offered any solution or help regarding fitment which i found very poor. 

My first question is 5x114.3 or 5x110? I’m very unclear after a lot of digging online to find the right stud size. 

Secondly is the alloy fitment, surely 18inch Bola’s would clear the Brembo’s as the design of the B1’s look like they accommodate big brake set ups? My only other worry is the ET and arch work. Has anyone on here ran a similar set up and if so any help would be much appreciated. 


Thanks all. 



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