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Welcome Lights / Audible Locking

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Does anyone know how to enable welcome lights and audible locking on a 2019 Impreza? Japan and US spec cars both come with these features but cannot seem to find it on my car. Is it possible to get them fitted or does anyone have any suggestions? I have found "follow me home lights" but that is it.


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Hi man!  Dont think you can (standard) mate, I MAY BE WRONG THO hahah! I've farted about with mine for a couple of weeks and the manual.... is !Removed! tbf. if you do find it let me know haha! Everything is possible tho... you just need a clever clogs to figure out how to do it. if i wanted it so bad i would make a micro controller with timer relays that kept the lights functioning for a timed amount after locking/unlocking. 

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No worries man, If like myself new to the brand (however i'm an master technician for another) i would get used to it before playing with it, bear in mind its a rally car with number plates, you might not get the features you expect from ''luxury cars'' 😃 if i see anything i will let you know! 

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