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welder/maker of exhausts recommended

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Not exactly a new topic , as I had asked question 2 months ago about avoiding replacing section of exhaust that included CAT converter.... local (usually very good garage) had said that to replace the corroded part (flange area where pipes meet on my Outback) would require part that ilncluded CAT and so VERY expensive (£1000 +)... to cut a long tale short I was eventually put on to great guy who repairs and makes exhausts in stainless steel too. Mick Dobson, who charged £60 for replacing corroded section with several inches of stainless steel that he welded in. He told me he'd fitted entire s/s systems to an Outback for less than £700 (which is less than non s/s from Subaru) though I don't need that myself (wish I'd known about him 2 years ago when most of exhaust was replaced!). Mick is a one man band (I think) unit in Crosshills, between Skipton and Keighley in God's Own County (Yorkshire of course!!!) . His place is at Unit R2, Airedale mills, skipton road, crosshills, BD20 7 D5, which is immediately before railway level crossing , on left hand side , approaching from Skipton direction. His website is currently not working but his phone number is 07595 934 121



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