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1996 V Limited - looking for knowledge

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So my father in law has recently bought this 1996 Import V Limited, from memory #803 of 1000. It seems in decent shape though defo in need of some TLC.

It's got a load of receipts and a dyno graph for 305hp though needs a little look, over but that's in hand. It's got nice gold Speedlines which are in great shape though unfortunately not the originals (not according to the jap brochure pic anyway). There doesn't appear to be any rust though unfortunately it's had a blow over respray which isn't ideal but may be OK with some time and TLC could shine up OK I think (or could get sprayed).

There are a couple of interior bits damaged or missing (rear parcel shelf, boot plastic inner panel, window switches) but the special edditions seats just need a good clean. Defo need a new wheel (Nardi?) or this once redoing.

Going to be a bit of a resto project trying to get it looking and driving really nicely (so I can drive it) and a bit of a potential investment for him.

So bearing in mind I know nothing at all about Imprezzas, any info on this model particularly any pictures so I can check other parts originallity would be appreciated. Hoping most of the bits I need are failry generic, so any advice on where to source would be appreciated!






IMG-20190330-WA0003 (1).jpg

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