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Forester SF5

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Remember seeing an SG5 at a meet in Harlow near me, and remember liking it. A lot.
Enough to do a little research and find there was an earlier model, of which I immediately fell in love with.
Affording one was out of the question, I only had 2 years NCD under me and the insurance alone would knock over a Bull. 
My dream died on comparethemarket.

2 years later one of my best friends actually brought one. He and his girlfriend remembered to the day how angry I was that SOMEONE ELSE found one. And a good one. 
Fast forward to 2 months ago.

He wants a change. Starts thinking about selling it. Luckily I'm there when he first has this though and I make it turn into an agreement. 
It's mine. I picked it up last Saturday. 


To say it has no problems would be a lie. It's an auto and for some reason it really REALLY bogs of the line. Seems like holding the break and using a little throttle in 1st manual does the trick most of the time. It's got an Imprezza exhaust on it, its too short and it's burning the bumper. And no cats or back boxes, very loud. But a deep loud. 

Could the bogging off the line be due to the exhaust? No back pressure? I'm not new to cars or even modifying but I'm new to modified turbo boxer engines. 
I think it needs to be mapped in as minimum, I'm told its still on its stock map from import. It can be an issue pulling out of turnings, luckily I can avoid these potentially hazardous situations on my commute.  

Hello to all.

Thanks in advance for a warm welcome, I hope 🙂
And super thanks for any advice or tips on maintaining the car. 




(I'm new here, i've had a look about and I've read the rules, anything thats wrong or against them let me know)

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