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warning lights on dash


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Wondered if anyone on here can help with a problem i have and if anyone has a solution? Few months ago EML came on dash along with traction control and flashing cruise control car was starting and running fine with no problems whilst lights were on. I intended to give my son my car so wanted to clear the lights i bought a OBD11 Reader and got the code P037E (glow plug) took car to local garage and had hime look he plugged his in and said same (glow plug) he did say if car running fine and starting fine check fuse and relay first. So because i intended giving car to son i decided to take to Subaru franchised dealership they diagnosed Glowplug and VDC saying ABS Code fault they cleared code faults and said needed glowplug so told them to do it. They said they need to make me aware that it could snap so i said go ahead but be careful (famous last words) i then got the phone call to say it had snapped, at this pointi said how much is this going to cost as they had not told me what it would cost before starting. They said looking at 2k. Anyway fast forward to end they did the job put back together gave me the car back and 2 days later the lights back on? took it back they said it was a VDC Fault code they had cleared it checked car all good now? took it away 2 days later back on. Again took it back to be told it looks like it could be the ABS And also the Battery is worn, so i renewed the Battery and the lights still on so at this point i plugged my little OBD11 machine in and its come back up with P037E again. Has anyone got any suggestions as to how to clear them and keep them cleared as this garage is a round trip of 80 mile and i am taking back Monday for them to try and get more money from me 

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