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1988 GL

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Hello everybody. I have an interesting project at the moment. I have an ‘88 GL, with an ‘01 Forester 2.5 L engine, a ‘95 wrx manual transmission, and the steering package from a ‘97 legacy all sitting on a 2” SJR lift. It’s quite the conglomerate. Haha. My question involves the steering. I’m in the process of replacing the inner and outer tie rods, and noticed that it appears that whoever had this before me took the ‘97 legacy inner tie rod and put it on the original ‘88 GL outer tie rod. My question is, can I keep this type of set up? Or replace the outer tie rod with the matching newer model? Also if anybody has the specs for what everything needs to be torqued to (inner tie rod, and castle nuts) that would also be helpful. Thanks in advance!!



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