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high mileage forester ?


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My current car has bit the dust after 3 years if faithful service ( not a subaru ) and I wanted a reliable motor as I am a carer. I only do about 4k miles a year so petrol not that important

I have seen a 2008 Subaru Forester 2.0 XEn , excellent MOT history ( BK08FWS ) but very high miles 168,000

The dealer is asking £1500

Is this potentially a money put for me ?




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All depends how its been looked after, obviously things will have worn over that time but if it's been serviced sensibly and parts oils coolants and other fluids replaced as needed then there is no reason why it couldn't go on for many years yet, especially at your low mileage needs.

MOT history is impeccable, one of the best i've ever seen for a vehicle of that mileage not even a low brake lining warning or advisory for suspension bush or similar (those headlight aim issues might mean the headlight levelling system, if fitted, is seized, but i wouldn't worry about fixing that, just keep the lights adjusted to pass the tests), but what's the service history like, think cambelt due? not cheap, obviously you'll check it out fully yourself, and the very first place you look is underneath, because if rot is starting then no matter how well maintained its on borrowed time...note check where the vehicle was serviced and MOT'd, Scottish cars in particular suffer from salt corrosion damage badly and personally i avoid cars from that part of the country and its obvious from the annual mileages this car has seen all year use, but it looks like it might be regd originally in Birmingham so hopefully this isn't an issue.

You can only judge a vehicle like this in the flesh so to speak, so examine it carefully starting from the underside and include the wheels tyres and brake discs/calipers, take a torch and something to lie on, then progress to under the bonnet, check all dipsticks for levels and condition of oils, check the coolant for contamination, check under the filler cap for mayo.

The Mot history suggests to me its a one or two owner vehicle, because the annual mileage has been consistent, so i'd be looking to see if it's been bought and sold on again recently, which might give a clue someone bought it and found it has a problem lurking, if it's a one owner car then that is the best scenario.

I have no idea of the value of the car, but it sounds reasonable enough at that price if its a good one.

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Looks a decent motor that, lovely colour combo (no good for us, dogs) appears to be sitting pert on a set of matched Falkens, which are decent quality fair priced tyres, wheels appear untouched from the pics, one or two chips around as expected, front side light glass need a polish up as all of these get sun damage in the same spot, seat and arm rest wear about right for the mileage (if i bought it i'd put a sheepskin over the driver's seat to prevent it splitting further), can't see the discs so can't comment on those.

I'd certainly go and inspect it, but don't expect any sort of warranty at that price they're already stating its a trade in, they state 2 previous owners so its a 3 owner, the only thing that would concern me would be if the current owner only owned it for a few weeks or months, if i bought it i'd service it myself paying particular attention to stripping cleaning and lubing the brake calipers with the correct brake grease, fortunately these have the best parking brake going, drum inside disc design so none of those horrid auto adjusting rear calipers that double as parking brake adjusters.

If i was looking i'd be down there first thing tomorrow, but do all your checks and inspect carefully, pay attention to the clutch for signs of slipping, could have been towing anything and it aint a 5 minute job or one for doing on your own, the box is pretty heavy on these.

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Quick question

Whats the leg room like in a used forester ( such as below ) with say a 6 footer in the front. I have looked at a V70 as well and although it looks a big estate the leg room in the back is terrible if the front passengers are tall ?




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Seen another Forester.. reg dec 2005... 108k miles 

12 months MOT til 9th Jan 2021...

reg is YR55YLT

MOT history looks good. They said its in excellent condition..BUT even though they have owned it for 5 years have no history at all, they say they lost it

its a good price I think £1650 ovno

I dont want to miss a good one but with no history am I risking it

Its in staffordshire.. anyone around that area that could take a look for a few bottle of wine..

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At said, it's a green and grey facelift (06) 2.0 XEN manual (around 100k) leather/moonroof/cruise/climate, headlight washers) I have done a load of work on in the last year including rear shocks, cambelt, suspension bits, brake refurb, all fluids (inc gearbox/brake/coolant etc), pcv, various other bits and bobs. matching correctly rotated tyre good for another year at least tow hook with electrics included but removed (refitting is super easy), DAB/usb/bluetooth including steering wheel controls, meyle HD drop links all round, denso lambda sensor, spark plugs (PITA JOB; worth checking that they've been done on any forester to save you the job), ARB bushes etc etc.

Everything works. Aircon worked last year and probably still does, though might need a regas but I doubt it.

Fitted boot liner, full size spare wheel, load cover (retracting).

Satnav updated to 2016 (the most recent version available for that era of Subaru satnav).

Just had the tracking done today.

Before me, there is standard service history with a bit of a gap around 70k I think, then back on track. I have invoices for all parts relating to work I've done.

Uses to oil, nor coolant.

I was going to keep it until it died, but I've got an itch for something else. I will kick myself when it's gone, just  as I did when I sold my Legacy. It's a man disease! Stupid, stupid man!

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Hi All - I'm also hovering over this. Any advice appreciated. Need a family wagon. 

Two concerns, price looks punchy and MOT advisory on rusting vehicle structure eeek 

Reg KO56 MVT 

No tax either, looks like it has done very low miles in last few years. 


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