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Forester 2.0 XEN LPG conversion for sale


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I am selling my Subaru 2.0 XEN LPG conversion as it has issues too great for me to deal with.

It is a 2007 model with the 2008 facelift, 2 new tyres on rear and a new Battery

The LPG conversion was done before I bought it last year, is a Prins kit, and is serviced and working fine. It is incredibly economical, I dd a road trip from Norfolk to North Wales for £30.

The issue is with the petrol engine side. I have been told by the garage that the valves have ingressed into the head and it looses compression and power. So every time I take my foot off accelerator, the engine cuts out. It will restart if in gear and foot lifted off clutch! 

I don't have the time or money to spend to find out if doing the work will fix the car, and I have to rely on others to do the work, so I am selling the car for spares or repair.

It has a new MOT, full leather seats, front heated. Current engine has done approx 75k, and this was verified by the gas service garage. But clock says 17??? which is mileage for the car

The gas tank is 70l I am told, but the car still has a full size petrol tank so can just be run on petrol if needed.

Otherwise condition is reasonable for year, has tow bar, SatNav, Parrot.

I will answer all questions as best I can, but my knowledge of mechanics can be fitted on a postage stamp..!

Apologies for photos, we have a lot of mud at moment!

I am looking for around £650.

It is still drivable, just takes a bit of getting used to.






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Did the conversion not include a flashlube kit, a simple cheap vacuum fed dispenser not good enough for one of these and electronic (or pressurised as fitted to our XT) kit is needed to combat valve seat recession.

I've looked at an Outback H6 before with LPG fitted, it had flashlube kit installed but when we inspected it there was no oil in the container, it had been a pool car so probably never been topped up, result engine was missing on at least 1 cyl noticeably.

Good luck with the sale, too much work involved for me to take on sadly.

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