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Barney CST

New Member Saying Hi

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Thought I'd introduce myself as I'm "soon" to be the proud owner of a 2007 Forester Cross Sports Turbo.

I am in the process of buying the car from Quay Vehicle Solutions (who have been fantastic btw, cheers Russ!) it's all ready for me but frustratingly the paperwork to register the car in the UK is still with the DVLA and given the current situation, my patience skills are likely to be sorely tested!

I'm not new to Japanese cars having had five Supra's, two Celica's and three Lexus models (currently own a 2005 Lexus GS430 which I'll be running alongside the Forester).

Never owned a Subaru or indeed an import before but really looking forward to the experience and being part of the forum.

Have attached a few pictures from Quay Auto Solutions.

PS. It's not an STi so I'm considering removing the stickers.





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Welcome, and that does look nice, clean as a whistle, phwoar!

Should's like new underneath so will you be intensively rustproofing this summer to ensure it stays like that?

After umpteen not ''hewn from granite'' Merc W124's, we're back running Japanese cars only and that's likely to be the situation as long as i'm upright, should have learned the lesson back when i ran a Datsun Bluebird estate, still better lesson learned late than never.

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Thanks for the welcome Juddian.

It's only covered 38k so hopefully a good base for a long term keeper which is my goal.

Quay were going to rust proof it for me only to find it has been done by the previous Japanese owner, which apparently is quite rare. I will be checking it out once in my ownership though.

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