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ECU bad?

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Hey all! So on my adventures of figuring out this obd2 connector issue of mine, I came across a weird event.....so my kline should be getting between 6 to 7 volts when ignition is set to on. Well not in my case...my kline pin 7 has 12v to 13v...when turning ignition off it will drop to 6v.. so hooking up a scanner with ignition on I can't get it...so I got to thinking...maybe a high voltage is an issue...So I tried getting into the ecu with car off and boom I got in.. Ovcourse I couldn't read any codes because everything is off...but I got in. So does anyone know what is going on? Also the pin 16 does still have a constant 12 to 13volts. 


I tested all the pins at ecu and the kline doesn't get voltage unplugged...only gets voltage when plugged into ECU. So I'm thinking the ECU regulates the voltage to the kline and what ever regulates it is blown....??? 


Any thing you guys and gals could think might be the issue? Or what I can do to correct this high voltage to the kline....




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