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Forester EGR Valve Year 2011


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Hi , 

I was just trying to change the EGR valve on my forester and I followed a thread on here but unfortunately the layout was slightly different to mine,. I have taken the intercooler and disconnected the hoses and loosened the egr valve and remoived the studs and it is loose and ready to come out but there is no space at all to lift it out. Any help would be so much appreciated. Is there something else I need to loosen off to remove it. I have attached a few photos.Thanks again






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I figured it out in the end and I thought i'd share with others in case they run into the same difficulties. In order to remove the EGR valve you need to remove a 12 mm bolt that is on the silver pipe (box) that connects to the EGR Valve. This way you can pull the pipe back enough in order to remove the valve. If you follow the box down about 2/3 of the way you will see this bolt. You can access it from the top but I found it easier to climb underneath and do it. I have posted up a photo of the cooler pipe box and you can see the bracket in the photo. When this is removed you can pull back the pipe to give you enough clearance. I tied it back with cable ties. Hope this helps.




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