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2010 Outback Diesel Buyer's Guide


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Hi there. 

Trying to talk myself into buying the missus a 2011 Outback manual diesel to punt around rurally for the next few months whilst we wait for her new car to arrive.

I've had a couple of previous shape 3.0 Outbacks which have been completely reliable. Goes without saying the net's awash with broken diesel Subarus for sale and lots of horror stories. 

Mileage is just over average for the age at 150k but there are obviously two trains of thought with this - If it's come this far, it's probably OK. And, if it's done this sort of mileage it might expire shortly! 

Either way, it's pretty good value for money so I'm having trouble ruling it out. 

Really looking for a bit of guidance as to things to look out for when I go and look at it. 

Or should I just run away and pretend it never existed? 🤔

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