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First of all thank you to everyone who contributes to this great forum.

My problem has become a bit of a headache over the course of 2020. It started with my xenons becoming weak on my 2011 legacy wagon and just wanting to replace both bulbs.

Put in brand new bulbs and realized some deviation in color and strength from pass. to driver side. After a little time it became evident that the driver side bulb was dying out so I went for a new one under warranty from the same place. Same issue with the new bulb although it lasted slightly longer before barely giving a tiny purple glow (4 months maybe).

Had a chat with the local dealer's manager who is quite friendly and suggested I replace the ballast. Purchased the correct ballast (KDLT002) and 2 brand new OSRAM D2S bulbs.

Replaced everything and it worked fine. Then after about 24 hrs came to start the car and driver side HID was completely out.

Things I've checked;

Fuses (15A)
Power from Battery to harness connector with multimeter (~14V)
Connector from harness to ballast with multimeter (~14V)
Socket for bulb with multimeter (~2V which should equal about 30W given a 15A fuse)
Putting the old bulb in the socket instead of the new one (no glow)

Things I haven't checked;

Initial power surge (V) using a multimeter to socket upon switching headlights on.
Switching the new bulb to the functioning side to see if the bulb has been damaged somehow.

Everything seems to be OK as far as I can see (fuse, harness, ballast). Still 3 new bulbs have now failed on the same side. Battery was recently replaced no issues. What's going on? Any ideas?

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