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Hi All,

I have a 2012 Forester Diesel SH. and I would like to add a few bits and pieces. I must admit, I like the look of some of the US off road foresters, and wouldn't mind doing something along those lines. But trying to find accessories on this side of the pond isn't that easy. and worse still here in Ireland. Is there anyone in the UK, supplying things like wheel arch flares, nothing mental, just an inch or two, but specific to the forester? Also, I wouldn't mind changing the wheels for something darker and more rugged. But finding it hard to get something that fits, as I don't want to do a lift or anything, as it is still me daily commuter. I would just like to butch it up a little. Also, anyone know where to get something better for the front grill than the stock plastic  chrome thing on it now..?


Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated

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I terms of the wheels powder coating may be your best option- not overly pricey in respects of replacing all four wheels and getting new rubber. 

US style additions are big in the VW scene it may be of use speaking to them about how they go about upgrades 

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