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Buying Legacy GTB Auto Advice


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Good afternoon, 


I couldn’t see much in the way of GTB stuff on the forums regarding the older Legacy GTB’s I was wondering if anyone would be able to offer some information. 


Currently i own a modified GT86, looking for a Legacy as a practical/ fun second car. 


I’m looking at a freshly imported Legacy GTB auto 2001. With 75k Miles. 


I’m aware I’ll need to look for age related stuff that are typical on most cars however is there anything more specific to the legacy i should be aware of? 


I guess the questions i have are: 


Any negatives of the auto box? e.g. less reliable than the manual equivalent. 

With 75k miles should i be making sure or taking into account belt change etc? Any other major services or parts that may need to be considered around that mileage? 

What price should i be expecting for a legacy e.g. in good condition bad condition etc? 

Any rust concerns, areas I should check? 

Any information would be much appreciated. 

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