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Slight Spluttering & Loss of Power - Recent Purchase


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Hi All

Owner of a 2.0 NA XE 2006 model for the past 6 months. Bought @ 100k miles & had no issues over 6k miles since the purchase (Got a cam belt, clutch replacement & service in that time).

I have started to notice a spluttering when moving to 3rd & 4th gears, especially when going up hills. I then seems to 'kick in' and drive normally as the revs go up; it didn't do this before. Starting up feels labored too, turns over a few times before start up.  I am going to try some Redex tomorrow but also concerned it could be something to do with the coil packs.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?

Also get a pongy smell when the aircon comes on (not that it works anyway)

Many thanks


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