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Malfunction Indicator Lamp

James I

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i have a 3ltr Outback and today had the drivers door repaired due to a big dent. They washed it as well afterwards. Car went in singing lovely notes and came out feeling sluggish and bsically sounded like its on its last legs, plus the malfunction indicator light lamps flashing.

What do you think the cause is, could it be they didnt disconnect the Battery correctly before removing the door for the repair or they didnt connect the Battery correctly. Tbh im baffled as i would have thought it was the spark plugs but seeing as they didnt go near them cant be so what do you think has caused this?


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ok for anyone browsing this site beware noone responds very often so not really beneficial being a member. Fyi ive worked outthe car goes into a saving mode, unsure exactly what it is but appears my door was taken off without disconnecting the Battery and caused the issue. By removing Battery connectors and puttingback on and thrn using a car diagnosis device clear the issues and then the engine works again and the sound is back to normal, so great.

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