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Syvtech engine management system


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Hi everyone!

My name is Miika, I am owner of car tuning/maintenance business in Finland near Helsinki called Syvtech Inc. I've been working with Subarus since 2006, and about 8 years now make it for living.

Some 10 years from now, I started developmenting engine management system for Subarus, starting from idea to get older Subarus fully tunable for reasonable price. First, it was just hobby, based from interest how everything works and started with using 8-bit ATmega128 microcontroller just because I have many of them on the shelf from other projects. Later, as I was still working on other automotive related company, I started coding with STM32F4 in one project and started thinking that maybe I should boost my ECU project "little bit" with it 😄 So now I have new version of it with whole new design and goal to use it with Subarus all the way from year 1990 to at least 2007 or so. And of course other car make/models too.

At this moment, I have plug'n'play versions that fully supports gen1/2/3(rev a/b/c) Legacy turbos (yes, also 3gen JDM twin turbos, 2gen untested), Impreza GC8/GF8 turbos and Forester SF turbos. It also works nicely with N/A cars that share same pinout with turbos, e.g. 2gen Legacy EJ20 N/A, only thing to add is MAP to get it running. Adding IAT is recommended of course but not necessary. ECU is based on design that all share the same controller board and has only car specific connector on the base board so changing from version to another need only to change the base board. Newage versions are under testing, supporting TGV, AVCS and ETC, also OBD and CAN is coming and DCCD control. EZ30 AVCS/AVLS and other N/A versions will be available at some point.

Only thing that will not probably be working (haven't tested and coded) on older ECUs is narrow band O2 sensor, so if one want closed loop control, wide band sensor should be used. Also newer type stock wide band AFR sensor will be working in the future. Knock sensor feedback control software is under development.

Tuning software uses live tuning, so results shows immediately, and after satisfied just store to eeprom.

ECU will also later support Bluetooth, that will be used mainly for monitoring, e.g. android tablet to show gauges, but tuning is also possible via Bluetooth.

Here's pic from 3gen Legacy ECU that will control electric throttle and intake AVCS in my car:
And pic from tuning software:

If here is interested people to support this project, get these for testing and help me to add/improve features, give ideas how things should be etc. price will be 500€+postage for now, and everyone who buys this now get new "full" version with 30% discount when it's ready. Both sets includes base and controller boards.

If any questions etc. whatever, feel free to send me a message anytime! 🙂

Best Regards,
Miika Syvänen
whatsapp: +3584O55971OO

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