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H6 Swap my 06 Legacy


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Hello everyone!! 


I'm new to the fourms here and will most likley be using it alot for info and " where at's " in both of my cars during the motor swap i'm doing. 


I'm super mechanically inclined and really enjoy it plus I would really like something that will take me some time, I have been trying to do brain storming online and I'm seeing this swap is not going to be easy aside from the fact most parts bolt up.


Sooo here I am.


I bought an 06 Legacy with some front end issues I have recently fixed said issues and will continue to replace peices as I go but such replacing has come to a stop due to an really good priced 01 outback with the H6 under the hood 😏

The outback will never see the road again as this is the way it should be, on the other hand I will be taking the motor and transmission along with everything else I know I need. 

As listed:

Motor and trans ( IDK if it's vdc or mot i will check tomorrow ) 

Bulkhead harness 

Complete fuel system ( Should I use the lines from the 2.5 or go bigger ?)

Rear diff and axles ( will my drive shaft fit from the legacy ? Both are 4eat )  

Can I swap clusters would that make anything easier at all or even fit 🤣

Also ( idk untill tomorrow ) if the outback has vdc, can I get an ez30D non-vdc flash for the ecu and tcu that the outback has and still have access to my traction control and AWD ? Or even buy another computer set with a non-vdc 

If there is anything I'm missing please help me subaru gods  !! I want to be ready for most things but I know as well as others anything can happen.

PLEASE take into account this is my passion and also my first swap. I already have everything and know it cam be done both cars are mot worth selling and would not get me a new one so save the " sell it and buy an H6 legacy " or " It's not worth your time "  I wanted something hard to do to start out with and something that i can do with my grandfather as he is the one who gave me my love and passion for cars. 😄 

P.s, I have no spelling or grammar abilitys please don't judge ☺


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