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Flashing DPF Warning Light..... Again!

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On Friday, I loaded up my 63 plate XV to drive the 2+hours to Norfolk for a week’s holiday. We got half a mile down the road and the DPF warning light started flashing. 
When this happened a couple of years ago, the main dealer did an oil change and a forced regen. They told me that the light flashes when a normal regen. has failed and the diesel that was going to be used to burn off the soot is dumped into the sump, thereby diluting the oil and this is why the owner’s manual tells you to contact them immediately. 

I managed to arrange an emergency oil change with my local tame mechanic together with a forced regen. He told me that the soot level in the DPF had reduced from 70 to 30% but he couldn’t get the warning light to reset. It was good enough for me and the light stopped flashing after about an hour an a half into our journey.

Today, (Monday), we were driving back after a bit of stop-start touring and the light started flashing again as I slowed down into a village speed limit. I reckon that the oil level is above the high marker on the dipstick, which the dealers told me was diagnostic of the oil in the sump.

So, can anybody tell me how far I can get away with driving on this allegedly diluted oil and if I need another oil change, can anybody recommend a garage in the Hunstanton area?

Any advice gratefully received. 


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