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Polite question regarding Subaru


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Hi guys. I live near a Subaru owner. Every day, morning and night, he spends approx 5 minutes sat in his car with the engine running. As you all know, the vibration generated from a Subaru is quite intense within nearby properties. I have just been to see the young lad, aged about 23, and asked him politely if he would show a little consideration to his neighbours and not sit there with it running. 

His reply was that he needed to sit there for 5 minutes to warm the engine and also that he had paid his road tax. I then asked if he had to warm it up when he was parking up on a night as he does the same 5 minutes then. 

I'm a long distance lorry driver and I start early in the morning which, in turn, means I am often in bed quite early.

I realise that he is a young boy racer type and his car means the world to him, but surely, 5 minutes to get the engine warm seems quite excessive. 

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If noise is going to be an issue, and it migh be because i'm up and away by 3.30 most mornings, then i'll start the the car and drive to the end of our road where its open and let the car warm up to fully clear the screens etc.

To be fair i also warm my truck engine up and let it warm down before and after working it hard (though not when parked beside sleeping drivers or houses), same as you probably do, but i think our young friend is maybe taking things to the extreme when some gently driving would warm the car up quicker, its possible he has a turbo timer fitted so the car will shut down on its own after several minutes ticking over which might account for the regulation 5 minutes tickover before shutdown, in practice unless you've been hammering the hell out of it or its blazing hot outside 2 minutes tickover is ample to cool the turbo adequately.

I hope it doesn't come to this but he might find someone else living nearby won't be qute as polite about this issue by pass the quiet word and vent their spleen on the car.

I just wish some motorcyclists and V8 engine owners who've had straight thru exhaust fitted were as considerate as most (i hope) Subaru owners.

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