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DPF / CVT Issue Prevalence


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Looking at buying a 2015 ish Outback, probably with around 70k miles. 

However, there seem to be a lot of comments about DPF issues. Are they particularly bad on Subarus? I've never had issues on VW Group cars, but from looking on here, lots of people seem to drive up and down a motorway as "regular maintainance". Are Subaru DPFs much worse than other makes? 

Because of this, I'm considering petrol, but I'm not a huge fan of petrol engines to be honest. What is the naturally aspirated 2.5L in the Outback like? 

Finally, I've also read about CVT issues, but can't work out if 2015ish gen 5 Outbacks are affected, or how common the problem is? 

Thanks for any pointers! 

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