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Cobra A8510 immobiliser wiring help.

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Hi all,

I have just bought a Cobra immobiliser for my 05 STI as it doesnt have any factory security fitted. The key is the non transponder type ( JDM ).

Looking at the wiring instructions provided, they are a bit "wishy washy" to say the least but ive managed to figure out that there are 2 sets of wires marked 1 & 2 that are used to operate the immobiliser circuit relays in the unit. These have a scissors symbol in the instructions so i think that means to cut the wire in the vehicle loom and bridge with the immobiliser loom.

Instructions say to connect to 2 circuits to prevent the car from starting which i,m assuming one is the fuel pump relay, earth feed ?

Secondly, the 12v ignition circuit live under engine cranking?

Does anyone know if this is correct?

My gut feelings are that i should locate the fuel pump relay under the dash and access the earth for the pump here. Then instead of going in behind the ignition switch, i look for the 12v feed to the ECU? In essence, i reroute the 12volt feed to the ECU via the immobiliser relays.

If anyone can advise, id greatly appreciate it as i'm a bit wary of breaking into the circuit for the feed to the ECU ( car is remapped by GR performance ) and loosing the map?

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