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Hi everyone I am pleased to announce that we have vacancies for Regional Coordinator's

We would like to inform you that the following S.O.C Regional Coordinators vacant positions are open to any S.O.C Members.

Note: In order to be considered, you MUST be a active member of the S.O.C Forum's 

If you are interested in a positions if it's available and would be fully committed and have the enthusiasm to make a difference in the progression of the S.O.C within your region, then please contact either myself, Jay or Steve via PM, or reply to this thread.

Before applying please ensure that you will be fully committed to the role and the duties.

If you have held a position before for and wish to re-apply, your application would be welcomed.   :)

All submissions will be handled and considered in strict confidence. If done via PM

We wish all participants the best of luck.


The S.O.C team




If you want to know what are S.O.C Regional Coordinators & what do they do?

S.O.C Coordinators are members that arrange local meets and events for members in their immediate area.

A Coordinator is responsible for organising & informing people about organised local meetings and convoys from their area to National events and shows. like Trax, Japfest... etc etc


They will also help with the running of the Regional Meets room's on the forum.

To become a S.O.C Coordinator you should check to see if a position is available and send either myself or Jay, or Steve a private message and let us know the position you would like. MUST be active on the forums daily when possible.
If it appears that there is no vacancy for your area but you would still like to become a Coordinator then please do send us an e-mail (Email to follow soon) and if the position becomes available you will be contacted.

We encourage members to contact us confidentially to inform us how well their Coordinator is performing their role. Positive and negative feedback is welcomed, as it will aid us into creating a better club!
Any queries should be directed to Myself Steve or Jay 

Thank you from all

S.O.C Team

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