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Forester CVT Ignition Key Sticks

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My first post so thanks for reading. I do not know if anyone else has had this experience.

The ignition key started to be difficult to remove in the summer. Dealer said not heard of this before. Replaced 3 parts (two visits) 2 in selector and one in steering column (solenoid), lubricated the barrel. Next day key was sticking in ignition again. Dealer said they’d only done what I’d told them (!!!) and it probably needs a new key set (car had less than 26k miles 66 plate). I have lost all faith in the dealer after paying twice for no improvement.

Basically, sometimes, the key does not turn all the way back so the radio stays on, the key won’t come out. I can hold foot on brake and slide the selector several back and forth times until it won’t move from Park, then the key will release. My fear is one day the key will be stuck permanently. Cannot leave a car with key in the ignition obviously. Had new car Battery. Tried both keys. Somedays it is fine, others it takes several goes. No pattern.

If nothing else does anybody know what ‘having a new Key Set’ entails and likely dealership install cost? Is this likely to solve it. I love the car and want to keep it, but I’m losing trust in it on this single problem.




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