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New Forester XT owner

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Quick intro - just picked-up a 2006 Forester XT with a bit over 100k on the clock for a snip. I'd gone to see it knowing it was cosmetically not great but I have plans for that involving matt blue metallic wrap and dark bronze alloys etc. so a shabby body is almost a good thing. Unfortunately the seller's opening line was 'it does use a bit of coolant on the motorway' and sure enough the radiator was full of oil/water mayo. I was basically walking away when he asked me how much I'd give him for it so I made a low offer and now have a project! Drove home about 60 miles gently and the temperature gauge wasn't going too wild so hopefully it's in the early stages of blowing its head gasket(s).

I have a lot of experience with Land Rovers, including rebuilding a couple of Rover V8s from the block up, but not much with Subarus (had an Impreza WRX for a couple of years but it was almost new so I never touched it mechanically), so I have a couple of questions if I may - number one is, what's the story with workshop manuals? I don't see that Haynes do a traditional Book of Lies for either the Forester or the Impreza, only some online thing which seems a bit basic. Secondly, spare parts - in the Land Rover world there's lots of options for pattern, OEM, genuine - pattern (****BritPart) are best avoided for anything important, OEM & genuine are good but genuine tend to be pricey. Similar situation in the Subaru world? Any recommended suppliers?



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