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TDO5 20G upgrade question Please

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Hi one and all .

I am sure that this topic has been done to death , but I have a simple question please.

I am about to upgrade my BLOBEYE's turbo to the TDO5 20G and would like to know if the oil / water pipes / connectors and banjo bolts are the same size ? If not , what is the difference please.

I have seen some notes that state that if the car was fitted with a TDO4 , there will be minor mods needed and I am trying to find out what those mods are before I dive into buying parts.

My car is a 2004 WRX , but it has been fitted with the V7 EJ207 STi engine and the previous owner was bright enough to fit the TD04L from the WRX to the STi motor.
It has a TGV delete and a 76mm exhaust system fitted. Standard cat downpipe , which I am going to change as well to the 76mm bellmouth .

They never mapped the car after the engine swop. I am planning the 20G and downpipe and then the car will be mapped correctly by a well known local tuner.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Perhaps someone knows off hand of a link to a thread where this conversion has been done.

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