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DashCam recommendations for my Forester


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Hi there,

Everyone drives like s**t where I live, so I want to be able to capture the plates of anyone who hits me, and then runs.

I’m not sure which make and model to buy, or if I should fit it myself, or get a pro to do it.

  • Have you had an incident when you needed a rear camera and glad you had it, or regretted not having it?
  • When you had an incident, was the footage good enough to extract the number plate?

I want something that just turns on when the ignition is on, and off when not. I want to be confident the footage is capture without any problem, and it is easy to access it (e.g. using WiFi) to send to the cops. 

Could you please give me any recommendations of makes/models? Did you install yourself? Did you get a shop to install it?

Thank you!

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