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2014 XV key fob programming

Mark Nyulaszi

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I have a 2014 XV, and the Battery went dead and the car forgot it's 2 keys so when I try to start it, the alarm starts.

I think I need to program my key fobs, but I don't know all the steps. I found a manual for it, like this: https://www.capitolsubarusj.com/service/how-to-program-a-subaru-key-fob/, but my car has a start-stop system, so I don't know what to do instead of "Place your key in the ignition. Turn it to the first position, where the electrical systems turn on but the engine remains off. Turn it back to the off position. Do this ten times in a row in rapid succession." .

My another problem is that only 1 of my keys have a plate with numbers on it and that number has only 5 digits instead of 8.


Any help will be appreciated.




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