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Openport or similar to fix secondary air issues?

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Recently became the owner of a 2006 Forester XT. I bought it eyes wide-open and knowing it was cosmetically challenged and quite possibly/probably mechanically so as well, but the price was right.

Anyhow, I noticed that a couple of years ago she failed her MoT with a check engine light and the following day magically passed the same - unsurprisingly this turned out to be thanks to blu-tack down the MIL light fitting rather than anything more thorough. My OBD reader reckons the problem is with the secondary air system, so I shall take a look at that before the next MoT in March. However if it's looking like an expensive fix, then I'll be tempted to consider removing/neutralising the secondary air system rather than fixing it. I know this won't cure the check engine light but from a quick read of the internet, this can be fixed by removing those specific error codes from the ECU. Bearing in mind that I'm likely to be doing other things to her over the years I was thinking about getting an OpenPort cable and editing the firmware to remove the Secondary Air faults from it myself.

So, two questions - can you do this with OpenPort/ECUFlash and if so, it this the best option? It's not exactly cheap for the cable but if it's simple and reliable I don't mind stumping up for it.


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